How to celebrate New Year at Home

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a quiet New Year celebration or one that is a little more celebratory; you will need to have sparklers – you simply cannot celebrate New Year without fireworks. However, when deciding on what activities to do on New Year’s Eve, you will need to take some time to consider the type of mood or atmosphere that you want to surround yourself with during that time.

Here are some ideas to make your New Year’s celebrations better:

Select a Word of the Year

The word you will pick for the New Year will represent what you will be trying to manifest for the upcoming year. The word, however, can also be the symbol of the intention that you will set for the New Year. Once you have selected the word, proceed to take a candle and carve the word in the candle or attach a little symbol to the candle that represents the word.

Subsequently, light the candle on New Year’s Eve and allow it to burn all the way down in order to bring to life the new intention for the upcoming year.

Run a Movie Marathon

The choice is yours – you may want to choose a series of movies, or you can grab that big book that you really wanted to read and just sit down and spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day watching the movies/ television series reading the book.

If you decide to run a movie marathon, you might want to choose an actor/ actress and have a marathon of their movies. Make sure to have your favorite treats by your side while running the marathon.

Have a Luxury Bath

Another idea is to have a luxury bath. This is also a physical way to wash away the old year and prepare to face the upcoming year with a rejuvenated heart, mind, and body. While having the luxury bath, you can also wash out any stress or anxiety or anything really that is hanging onto you from the current year that is passing. It could be some sort of grief about a loved one that you lost, or it could be the toxicity of having been in a toxic relationship this year, and now finally, you are preparing yourself to take the plunge and be born out of ashes.

Make sure that the bath is extra soothing and comfortable by putting in your favorite essential oils, lighting scented candles, getting a glass of wine, and allowing yourself to soak in the warm water.

Midnight Prayer

If you want to kickstart the New Year with spirituality, we recommend having a midnight prayer or meditation. If you stay up until midnight, you may want to set that time aside to have a mediation or short prayer that welcomes the New Year.

The midnight prayer will relax your mind and shed away any stress and anxiety while you will prepare yourself to welcome the New Year with positivity and an extra boost of spirituality.

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