College Dorm Parties

How to Celebrate College Dorm Parties

If you’re wondering how to celebrate college dorm parties, then read on to discover some great ideas for throwing a fun event. Ideas for games can include Mirror Charades, Rubix cubes, and Boarding night. You can also collect money for food, if you’d like. You can serve pizza, chicken wings, french fries, chips, and pastries, to name a few. Drinks can be as simple as mocktails, or as elaborate as brown pelican or coffee.

Hogwarts theme

If you have students in your dorm, why not have a Hogwarts theme for your party? A Hogwarts-themed party is an excellent idea for any college dorm party, especially if you’re having it in your dorm room. If you’re planning to have a party for a Harry Potter fan, consider hosting one of these parties. Themes like this are great for parties with a Harry Potter theme because they can be made into a theme for any occasion.

You can create a Harry Potter theme by using cardboard or plastic dorm rooms. For the party itself, create cardboard rooms and doors and decorate them with glitter, beads, and golden snitch designs. For games, you can also choose a Hogwarts-themed board game or a card game. A fun game to set up is the “sorting hat.” The voice of the sorting hat will sort everyone into their house, and the winner will receive a prize!

Mirror Charades

One of the best ways to get people involved at a party is by playing Mirror Charades. The person who initiates the game stands with their back to the crowd and points to himself or herself. Then, the next person in line focuses on the person behind them or someone else in the crowd, and the other players take turns blowing up balloons. As the audience tries to guess who he or she is pointing at, the first person to blow up the balloon goes “out.”

Rubix cube party

Rubix cube party

The best way to have a fun Rubix cube party at your college dorm is to play the game of Rubix cube. This simple puzzle game involves guests wearing clothing of one color and swapping them with others until they all wear the same color. You can use neon balloons or streamers to make the party more colorful and add some colorful Solo cups. If you have enough guests, you can even organize a Rubix cube beer pong game!

To throw a Rubix cube party at your dorm, you need a few things. A Rubik’s cube in a jar can be fun and can be assembled with a pair of chopsticks or a butter knife. This is a puzzle that can’t be solved, but it is fun to try. You can piss off your friends and have some fun while solving it!

Boarding night

These classic party games never go out of style and will surely create some lasting memories with your friends. To add a little fun, you can also provide your guests with trendy college gifts. In fact, you can even have a drinking game! Make sure to keep the volume level of the party under control so that your friends can enjoy themselves without disturbing the neighbors.

At The End

The number of guests you can invite will depend on your budget and the theme of the college dorm party. You can invite classmates, female and male friends, dorm neighbors, and resident advisors. In case you are concerned about noise level, try to invite only female friends so that the guests are not disturbed by loud music. Then again, keep the guest list to a minimum. However, if you are planning to host a more intimate party, make sure that you inform your dorm’s resident advisor of your plans to make sure that all parties go off without incident.

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