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How To Become A Yoga Teacher?

Yoga is so beneficial for our mind body and soul that it has been practised since ancient times by sages and other people. It has gained even more popularity & importance in today’s time because people want to keep themselves physically and mentally fit but they don’t get enough time because of their daily hectic schedules. Not exercising gives rise to many physical as well as mental problems not only in old age but even for younger people. Therefore, a career as a yoga teacher offers a great opportunity to keep yourself fit along with earning a good amount and meditation teacher training is a great idea to start with.

The importance of yoga has also been recognized internationally, The United Nations has been celebrating International Yoga Day since 21 June 2015 which has soared the popularity of yoga all over the globe. So, if you are interested in choosing yoga as your career path, keep on reading further.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a form of physical exercise that can help you to keep your mind, body & soul healthy. The various yoga postures are known as “asanas”. Regular practise of these asanas will definitely help you in achieving a peaceful mental state and a healthy functioning body.

What are the benefits of practising yoga?

Regular practice of yoga is very important for leading a healthy life. Yoga offers a number of benefits, from fighting diseases like sugar & constipation yoga and meditation, which are considered essential for a healthy body & peaceful mind.

Some people believe that the only benefit of yoga is to make your body flexible but this is not true. Apart from making your body more flexible, there are a lot of different asanas in yoga that provide many other benefits. That said, practising yoga can help to keep you feeling young and healthy throughout your life.

Some of the benefits of practising yoga are:

  • Yoga has been used to gain physical, mental & spritual benefits since ancient times. Today’s medical research has proved that regular practice of yoga is beneficial for us both mentally as well as physically.
  • Yoga works on all the muscles as well as internal organs of the body which helps in keeping them functioning smoothly.
  • Practising yoga helps to boost immunity and hence fight diseases. This will help you to have glowing skin and a healthy body even in old age.
  • Yoga helps in reducing body fat and improves digestion that makes you look fit and strong.
  • It removes stress and helps yoga get proper sleep at night.
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar. Therefore, yoga is very beneficial for diabetic patients.

Who is a Yoga Teacher?

Yoga Teachers are also called Yoga Instructors and their job as a teacher is to teach students about various concepts of yoga, how to practice yoga asanas properly and safely.

A yoga instructor is well versed and proficient in the field of yoga and should be able to properly convey all the instructions and knowledge of yoga to students who are willing to learn. This implies that a yoga teacher should be able to provide all the information related to the subject including, rules and various forms of yoga practices with great skill and consistency. Such a person can be called a yoga teacher in the true sense.

How to become a Yoga Teacher?

In order to become a good yoga teacher, you should have all the information related to yoga and various yoga practices like ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga and others. A yoga teacher training course would be a great choice for you if you wish to learn all these concepts. Apart from this, pursuing a B.Ed and a B.P.Ed course from any university would add more to your experience. There are a number of yoga schools all over India that offer this yoga teacher training course. Many of these are internationally affiliated with Yoga Alliance International which sets the guidelines for these schools and enables their students to teach all over the globe.

You can take up a yoga course after you complete your 12th and can even choose to get a graduation degree in yoga. Some other courses that you can take up apart from the famous yoga teacher training course are:

  • Yoga Certificate Course
  • Diploma in Yoga
  • P.G. Diploma in Yoga
  • B.A. in Yoga
  • B.Ed Yoga
  • Bachelor of Naturotherapy & Yoga Science
  • M.A. in Yoga

Skills required to become a Yoga Teacher

In order to become a yoga teacher, you will need a yoga teacher certificate from a well-known yoga school. If you plan to teach internationally, you will need a yoga teacher training certificate from Yoga Alliance International Certified Yoga School. But, getting a certificate isn’t enough to become a world-class yoga teacher. Some of the skills that will make you stand apart from others are:

  • A yoga teacher must believe in the healing power of yoga. Apart from this, the teacher must have experience and training in yoga.
  • The person must be physically fit and have a flexible body. No need to worry if you don’t have these two. With regular practice of yoga, you can easily get a physically fit and flexible body.
  • The person should be motivating and should care about his/her students.
  • If you plan to start your own yoga school, you should have excellent communication skills.
  • As a yoga teacher, you should not only be able to teach, but also have a willingness to learn more.

Earning Opportunities as a Yoga Teacher

After you become a yoga teacher, you will have both options open. You can either choose to start your own yoga school or join some other school as a teacher. There has been a high demand for yoga teachers both in India and abroad ever since United Nations declared June 21 as International Yoga Day.

The first International Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21st 2015. Since that day people from all over the world have started to appreciate the health benefits of practising yoga and strive to make yoga a part of their daily lives. This has surged the demand for yoga teachers in various health centres, schools and institutions.

People from various sections of society like to practice yoga under the supervision of personal yoga teachers. Ever since yoga has been incorporated into the school curriculum, there has been a rise in demand for yoga teachers in both public as well as private schools.

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