How to avoid and challenge an Amazon account suspension

Think an Amazon account suspension is a rare event? Wrong to think. The company takes no prisoners when it comes to poorly performing accounts and bad actors. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try ways to get free stuff from Amazon for Amazon sales

Tips on how to avoid and challenge Amazon account suspensions.

There are some tips to avoid and appeal suspension from Amazon.

It’s well documented that Amazon has a problem with counterfeiting. In fact, 50 percent of account suspensions were the result of “inauthentic items” (or counterfeits). Despite this, a recent Guardian investigation found that the marketplace is still flooded with counterfeits.

But even if you sell genuine items, your account can be suspended. For this reason, the best offense is a good defense, and you need to prepare now.

However, there is always a reason for an account suspension. Here are three areas to look out for if you find yourself in this position:

Poor customer service rating.

To ensure its millions of third-party sellers deliver an exceptional customer experience, Amazon has set the following performance goals:

Order error rate:

  • They have received a lot of negative feedback < 1
  • Pre-delivery cancellation rate: < 2.5%
  • Late delivery rate: < 4%

For example, if you have multiple orders delivered late or have received many negative reviews, your selling privileges will be revoked. Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to customer experience, and that remains their top expectation as the leading global online marketplace.

Disregarding Amazon’s sales policies.

If any of your items are listed on the restricted products page, your Amazon account will be suspended. For example, for child safety reasons, you must obtain special permission if you want to offer fidget spinners or invisible ink pens.

Misrepresentation and inauthenticity.

Your selling privileges may also be revoked if you offer an inauthentic or fake item on your Amazon profile. Even if you have alternative accounts set up in case you get suspended, this is considered a big warning signal by Amazon. In this case, you’ll be lucky if you get reinstated at all.

How to avoid an Amazon account suspension.

Understand the basics of Amazon’s business principles.

Understand the basic principles of amazon to do marketing on this platform

Here are the main ones that will get you through Amazon account suspension:

  1. Take performance metrics seriously

Amazon has high expectations when it comes to meeting its performance metrics, which came out of the company’s core leadership principles.

If you can meet your performance metrics, you should manage to avoid a lockout. But that’s easier said than done. Here are three of the most important metrics you should be sure to keep an eye on:

Order error rate: This measures whether you, as an online store, are able to provide a good customer experience. It’s made up of three components – the rate of warranty claims, the rate of negative feedback, and the rate of service chargebacks over short- and long-term periods.

On-time delivery: self-fulfilled orders that buyers received on time.

Rate of late deliveries: The number of self-fulfilled orders that were not confirmed as shipped by the expected delivery date.

Keep an eye on your listings

Since multiple sellers can offer the same product on Amazon, it is not uncommon for a listing to be overwritten. This is the case when the detail page of one of your products displays information that you did not add yourself but was updated by Amazon or another seller.

In other words, the image, description, or title has been changed by someone who also has access to your detail page. This type of change can result in the wrong items being shipped to customers.

If Amazon learns of “missing items” or “wrong items shipped” as feedback from your customers, your account may be temporarily suspended. To monitor this, online sellers need to make sure they check all their ASINs regularly. This shows Amazon that you are in control of your online store.

Appeal the suspension of your Amazon account with an action plan.

To get your Amazon account reinstated, you need to create an action plan in your appeal letter. This is the email you send to the Amazon seller performance team when you are suspended. Remember that your writing style is critical to getting your Amazon account restored:

  1. resolve all outstanding support tickets
  2. find out the cause of your suspension
  3. fix the issues in an action plan
  4. send the appeal to Amazon
  5. wait for a response from Amazon

It’s important to remember.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small online business, Amazon doesn’t want you selling in its marketplace unless you’re willing to provide exceptional customer service.

Understanding Amazon’s leadership principles will help you build a framework for your cover letter. If you’re lucky enough to be rehired, prepare your team for any changes you’ll need to make – you don’t want to be a repeat offender!

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