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How Real-Time Data Tracking Helps Run The Fleet Smoothly

Faster and better methods enable truckers to complete operational tasks that can be difficult for fleets of any size. Ordering to control and monitor your fleet takes an effort and it’s a part of the commercial fleet manager. Having automated assistance from trucking management software brings fruitful results. 

There are some traditional tools such as time clocks, maps, spreadsheets, mileage, and fuel consumption that are integrated into this software. If you wish to create and sustain your fleet efficiently, then you must know where your drivers are at all times. 

The feature of real-time data tracking in the trucking management software comes in very handy for fleet managers. For assisting the drivers in real-time, the GPS technology with real-time data runs the fleet in the most effective way. 

How real-time data tracking helps Run the Fleet smoothly

GPS positioning and live mapping through software.

With time the global position system and live mapping, you can easily get the directions before heading for the journey. Both these technologies have been with us for a long time and most of the fleet is already using them as well. 

The GPS location of every vehicle is transmitted through wireless transmission. When the vehicle is properly connected, they are going to power the GPS units. This is going to transmit the data to your mapping system that identifies the location of every vehicle. 

Thus the fleet mapping will equip you with the live location of every asset at any location. 

The drivers are at the right place at the right time.

The GPS management solutions help fleet managers in managing the drivers properly. The managers have the option of accessing the data from the GPS tracking system, analyzing it, and then taking the appropriate steps required. 

Dispatching the drivers is time-consuming. It can also be more tedious when the drivers and dispatchers are coordinating with the route and pick-up updates. 

But when you track the location in real-time, it is very feasible to make more rational decisions. GPS tracking enables fleet managers to indicate which driver is at the nearest and must be dispatched. 

Real-time location with the customers.

The operations of a logistics company need a strong customer base in order to thrive in the market. With the help of GPS tracking, the fleet manager can respond to customer requests and reach the delivery location on time. 

The real-time GPS location is ultra-essential for providing the customer with real-time ETA’s. This feature is crucial for increasing customer satisfaction. The tracking system enables the users to get GPS location updates and share them with the customers. You do not have to have to call the drivers back and forth and ask for the ETA of their arrival. 

When you provide the right ETA’s to the clients, then it will help you trust them more. The more the consumers trust in you, the more inclined they will be to associate with you again. 

Driver safety assurance.

The navigation system also provides drivers with safety and intelligent analytics. It is used for monitoring driving patterns. With the data, it is easy to understand whether the driving pattern is safe or not which leads to some severe accidents. 

The integrated technology will allow you to track the driving hours and see what the drivers are up to at any time of their shift. Electronic logging devices(ELDs) are used in vehicles for tracking the solutions of working hours and checking if the drivers are complying with the HOS rules or not. 

Reduce vehicle theft.

With the help of real-time data tracking, GPS tracking with the feature of geo-fencing can help you with avoiding theft. The option of GEO fencing provides the fleet with anti-theft options. 

The fleet managers can use this software to exactly identify the truck location. If anything suspicious occurs, you will be warned immediately. If your truck is moving outside working hours or anything else, then you can take prompt action to prevent theft. 

Complying with HOS regulations.

For managing a long-haul fleet effectively, complying with the HOS(Hours of service) is really important. The New HOS regulations allow you to track the driver’s time automatically. 

Real-time GPS tracking enables fleet managers to assist organizations to prevent HOS breaches at any cost. It also ensures that the fleet is managed and operated in an effective manner. 

In the end.

All of this data is very helpful in creating an audit that will help in customer relations, planning the budget, and presenting the data for your company to assess and understand important metrics such as driver safety, fuel usage, performance, route optimization, and vehicle health. 

So, get started with your real-time GPS tracking and smartly manage your fleet in a proper way. 

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