How Often Should Dryer Vents Be Professionally Cleaned?

Usually, 15,000 fire incidents every year are caused due to dryer disorder. Hence, cleaning the dryer is highly essential so that you are safe from significant hazards. As a responsible homeowner, you should take good care of your home appliances to give good results and last longer. Sometimes, self-cleaning is not sufficient, and you need a professional. Before hiring a dryer cleaning service, you must know how often should the dryer vents be professionally cleaned. 

According to experts, dryer ducts must be cleaned by a professional at least once a year. And if your dryer is more frequently used, you should consider getting it cleaned almost three times a year. Another factor to consider while determining the frequency of dryer cleaning is the size of the ducts. Smaller ducts should be cleaned by a professional because there is less space for the air to pass if there is a blockage, leading to serious risk. 

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How Frequently Should You Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned by a Professional?  

Experts suggest that you should clean lint trapped in the dryer ducts after every use and by a professional at least one time a year. Some critical factors that may influence the frequency of vent cleaning by a professional include: 

Family Size

A more prominent family means more clothes for washing and drying. So, if your dryer machine is used more frequently, a more significant amount of lint may accumulate. Hence, you should clean the dryer more regularly. 

Pets in Homes

If you have pets in your homes, dryer escapes are likely to get blocked often. Hence, it is essential to clean the dryer more frequently than usual to remove the pet hair and fur. 

Processing New Clothes

Studies show that new clothes are likely to produce more lint than older ones. If you process more unused clothes in the dryer regularly, you should get your ducts cleaned more often. 

Laundry Type

Large items such as blankets, sweaters, cardigans, curtains, and towels are likely to produce more lint than regular clothes. It may lead to the blockage of vents. So, you should analyze your laundry, and if it comprises such items, it is recommended to clean your dryer more often. People who have this kind of laundry must seek a Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning in Suwanee

Cleaning Activity 

You should keep a check as to when you got the dryer cleaned last time. According to experts, the dryer needs to be cleaned at least one time a year. does not mean a simple removal of lint from the vents but a thorough clean-up by a professional. This requires specialized equipment. 

Signs That Indicate That Dryer Vent Needs To Be Cleaned 

Clearing the dryer ducts is not just an excellent spring-cleaning task but a necessity. Blocked dryer openings not only reduce the system efficiency but also become a cause of fire hazard. So, homeowners need to know the signs of blocked vents to call a professional service. Professional duct cleaning efficiently removes lint and debris that may hinder dryer performance. 

The signs include: 

Long Drying Cycles: When your dryer cycle is longer than usual, the reason might be clogged vents. 

  • High Temperatures: When your clothes or dryer machine feels extremely hot after the cycle, you must look for a professional’s help. 
  • Debris: If you observe waste around the dryer hosepipe, you must get it cleaned immediately. 
  • Stuck Hood Flap: If the vent hood flap is difficult to open, the reason might be lint trap. 
  • No Inspection for a Year: If your dryer has not been examined by a professional for at least a year, then you must hire a professional cleaning service. 
  • Unusual Burning Smell: If you smell a unique burning smell from the clothes after processing them in the dryer. The lint blockage might not let air exhaust. 
  • Hot Laundry Room: When the laundry room temperature rises when the dryer is working, it may also be due to a blockage. 

Dryer Cleaning Procedure 

As a homeowner, you must know that dryer cleaning does not just involve removing dirt from the filter but is a complete procedure. Following is the step-by-step cleaning procedure:  

Step 1: Inspection

The first step of cleaning a dryer is to examine the dryer vent opening, usually located outside near. 


Step 2: Removing Obstacles 

The second step to clean the dryer machine includes removing dirt, debris, pet remains and leaves accumulated on the outer side. 


Step 3: Removing Lint 

Lint and other materials that are gathered within the dryer canal are removed. 


Step 4: Clean the Area Behind

After this, it is vital to clean the area behind the dryer. 


Step 5: Clearing Blockage 

Finally, the lint trap needs to be cleaned carefully. 

Benefits of Regularly Cleaning the Dryer by A Professional 

Energy Saving 

Getting your dryer cleaned and inspected regularly by a professional enhances its efficiency by reducing the amount of energy used. It can reduce the energy bills up to 30% 


Less Maintenance Cost 

When vents are cleaned regularly by a professional, they will not overheat or get blocked. So, there are fewer chances of the appliance getting damaged. 


Control Fire Risk 

As lint is extremely flammable, it can cause a fire if it is not removed timely. Regular cleaning can help prevent blockage and control the fire risk. 


Less Wear and Tear 

When the dryer vents are not cleaned frequently, the machine is required to work hard. It may lead to excessive wear and tear. Regular cleaning by a professional increase efficiency. 

Keeping Vents Clean

Experts have recommended some practical ways to keep the vents clean:

  • Replace liquid fabric softener with dryer sheets 
  • Use concrete vent pipes instead of flexible pipes.
  • Place the dryer close to the outside wall. 
  • Allow dryer to cool down for at least 15 minutes when loading new cycle.