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How is foreplay related to better bonding and improved health?

Foreplay is basically defined as any intimate activity that occurs between the couples prior to a sexual intercourse. It is the most exciting part of lovemaking activity that creates sensations and enhances sexual experience.  Foreplay is considered as the preferred start to any intimate joyful activity and is much better than sex. It boosts the circulation of blood around the male reproductive part and lubricates the vagina.

Foreplay such as hugs cuddles and gentle kisses offer pleasurable moments to both the partners and enables them to experience a satisfactory lovemaking experience. The mere process of touching and feeling each other creates a psychological connection that improves the entire experience of copulation. 

Foreplay is a vital part of the lovemaking experience. One of the best ways to enjoy foreplay is to keep the lines of communication open with your partner and discuss freely regarding what works for you and what doesn’t. Clear communication and positive sexual talk will make the entire intimate act enjoyable. 

Foreplay not only creates comfortable space between the bed partners but also enables them to enjoy the lovemaking experience. It allows couples to experience closeness and utmost intimacy. Foreplay makes females more delighted and excited and enhances blissful bond between the couples. It assists in getting multiple orgasms and enables couples to experience peak performance in bed. Women who struggle to get orgasm from intercourse can get it through an exciting foreplay. It helps women experience pre-orgasmic pleasurable sensation.

Improves Bonding between Couples

Foreplay not only creates a magical bond between the partners but also offers a feeling of security and connectedness.  In the absence of foreplay, a sense of ignorance and emotional insecurity persists among the couples. If stress curbs the sex drive of people, foreplay reignites it. Foreplay also facilitates the release of happy hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytoxin which create strong bonding and affection among couples. 

While intercourse is basically self -focused, foreplay teaches couples the art of sharing and giving. People always prioritize their partner’s pleasure and try their best to please them. In fact, the pleasure derived from a partner’s pleasure is all the more fulfilling. 

 Unlike intercourse, foreplay doesn’t hurt and is quite simple. With the help of your hands and mouth, you can create an orgasmic marathon which would never have been possible with a sexual intercourse. Your attitude and agility matters the most in foreplay, and your anxiety and insecurity can take a backseat.  In fact, your body will be more relaxed and welcoming with a perfect foreplay.  Prior to any foreplay, a male can also try an erection enhancing medicine called Kamagra to improve his performance in bed. This medication improves the erection quality of males and extends the duration of intercourse.

Explore foreplay with your female partner

The entire process of foreplay can very well start prior to an intercourse. Preparing a romantic dinner, sending a sexy text or leaving a romantic note are all considered important forms of foreplay. All of them will enhance more arousal into your life.  You can also try the following with your partner:

  • Inviting your female partner to dance
  • Offering  your female bed partner  a sensual massage
  • Talking to your partner regarding your inner cravings and sexual fantasies
  • Taking a shower together
  • Watching an erotic movie together
  • Exploring sex toys with your partner
  • Having fun with food products
  • Manual stimulation 

Benefits of foreplay

Keeps heart healthy:  An exciting foreplay improves the circulation of blood and has a positive impact on the heart rate. It dilates the blood vessels which transports the blood to the different body parts and makes you feel healthy and active.

 Improves breast health: Foreplay prevents the swelling in the breasts and keeps the nipple erect. It lubricates the female vagina during lubrication and prevents breast cancer.

 Offer relief from pain:  Foreplay facilitates the release of happy hormones such as endorphins and oxytoxin and literally vanishes headache, backache and other forms of body pain. Just cuddling and smooching will diminish your pain and offer pleasurable moments of fun.

Offer relief from depression and stress:  Foreplay offers adequate energy and positivity to combat anxiety, stress and depression from both mundane activities and sexual activities.

Energizes the body: Foreplay offers relief from both physical and mental strain and energizes the body. 

Foreplay is an excellent opportunity for the couples to improve intimacy and personal bonding. Couples who are willing to spend time together should indulge in it to enjoy pleasurable and exciting moments with their partner. 

To make the entire process of foreplay and lovemaking exciting, women can rely on an FDA approved medication called Female Viagra (Lovegra 100 mg Tablets) to add spice to their bedroom performance. It consists of a vital element known as Sildenafil Citrate which releases sufficient blood to their private parts and creates the desire among them to engage in intercourse with their male companion. 

Women, who have lost interest in intercourse or those who have crossed the age of 45 and are experiencing hormonal changes in their body, can rely on it to boost their sex life. Its onset starts early within half an hour after use and its effect remains in their body for close to 4 hours. This medication not only offers women a chance to enjoy the pleasures of foreplay, but also prepares the ground for an exciting and fun filled love making session. They can take charge in bed and experiment with different love making positions with their male partner.

 Prior consultation with a health advisor is essential prior to the utilization of this libido boosting medicine. If they are suffering from any serious complications for which they are taking medicines, then they must reveal the same to their health expert prior to its use. Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers must get the consent of a certified physician prior to its utilization. Only one tablet should be taken by them once in a day and that too before the planned love making act.  And lastly, they must avoid blending this medication with liquor, recreational substances, and fatty meals or grapefruit products. 

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