How do You Permanently Fix Pinhole Leak In Copper Pipe

One of the major leakage incidents that happen in the home is due to copper pipes. Although copper pipes are long-lasting, pinhole leaks aren’t unfamiliar. Hence, you need to fix the pinhole leaks ASAP before it creates bigger leakage and forces you for costly repair. 

Thankfully, there’re multiple ways to fix a pinhole leak for copper pipes. Thus, in this how-to guide, we will show how to permanently fix a pinhole leak in copper pipe. You may use repair tape, epoxy putty, or repair clump for this purpose. 

How Do You Permanently Fix Pinhole Leak in Copper Pipe:

Copper pipes carry water across different bathrooms, kitchen sinks, and other home fixtures. Thus, any leakage in it can be frustrating and, if not fixed timely, can be costly too. 

Tip 1: Use epoxy putty 

Pinhole leaks are usually pretty small. Once you can locate the source of the leak, you can then stop it using epoxy putty unless it is grown too big. You can conveniently use an epoxy putty stick to fill the gap created due to the pinhole leak. 

The epoxy putty is a combination of hardener and resin. The combination has been measured with excellent accuracy for reliability and performance. You can knead the epoxy putty with your hand and push it through the pinhole before it starts hardening. You need to act quickly since epoxy putty will start hardening when it comes across the air. 

Tip 2:  Use repair tape

Although epoxy putty offers quick fixation of the pinhole leak, it might not work with the higher water pressure of the copper pipe. Thus, you may apply repair tape on the pinhole if you need higher water pressure through the copper pipe. 

The pipe repair or Teflon tape is mostly waterproof and is made with self-fusing silicone. It quickly forms a solid rubbery structure when you wrap the repair tape multiple times around the leaky pinhole. You can then reinforce it for a stronger bond with the bandage used to repair copper and plastic pipes. 

Tip 3: Use compression couplings 

Cut off the pinhole leak using a pipe cutter once you have marked the leaky space. Use the recently cut copper pipe piece as a standard to cut the new replacement pipe. When you have cut the replacement pipe according to your requirement, insert the retainer nut. Also, insert the sleeve and repeat it at the other side of the new replacement pipe. 

Apply plumbing pipe bandage on the sleeve, and finally, tighten the retainer nut of the coupling on both sides of the copper pipe. When you tighten the coupling on both ends of the copper pipe, ensure that you don’t over-tighten it to damage the thread of the retainer nut. 

Final Words 

Usually, copper pipe for water supply lines offers long-lasting performance. That’s why leakage on the copper pipe is a rare incident. Nonetheless, pinhole leaks may happen due to overuse of the copper pipe for an extended period. Thankfully, you can permanently fix the pinhole leak with these three methods. But, we recommend you replace the copper pipe for a better solution. 

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