How do office water coolers work?

A good workplace offers many amenities that can benefit both the employer and employee. One of the many benefits that you should have and offer your office is reliable access to clean fresh hot and cold water.

Who doesn’t want instantaneous water whenever they need it?

Office water coolers work differently depending on their type and source of water supply.

Bottleless Water Cooler

Bottleless water cooler works by connecting the unit directly to the main supply. It is equipped with a filter that helps keep the water clean, safe, odourless and refreshing.

When you plug the unit into your power supply, you can get chilled water. If your water dispenser is also designed to dispense hot water, you can enjoy instantaneously chilled and hot water.

Bottled Water Cooler

Comparatively, a bottled water cooler works by replenishing the unit’s reservoir with water from a bottled supply. It can either be a top load water dispenser or a bottom storage water bubbler. Some of these water coolers also offer chilled and hot water systems.

How do office water coolers work?

Just like any other establishment, office water coolers are a good source of energy replenishment and thirst quencher for employees. When they are revitalised, they become more productive and consistent.

But have you thought of how these water coolers work?

Chilling the Water

When you turn on the water cooler, the water in its water reservoir is chilled through thermoelectricity. The compressor works with a refrigerant, like freon. When the water in the reservoir passes through the compressor, the refrigerant absorbs the heat present in the water.

The surrounding water in the reservoir is then chilled according to the specifications of the water cooler. When employees turn the lever on, the water passes through the spigot that has already been chilled and ready for consumption.

Heating the Water

Hot water from water dispensers works similarly to a water heating system. Most of these water dispensers are equipped with a thermostat that works to heat the water in the reservoir. The thermostat heats the water at a controlled temperature and maintains the heat until someone dispenses it.

The dispensing process works similarly to dispensing chilled water. All you need to do is press that button or turn down the lever and wait for the water to flow from the spigot.

Water Filtration Process

Water filtration is an innovative water purification process that works to eliminate the contaminants in water. This especially works for bottleless or plumbed-in water dispensers. It ensures everyone in the workplace has a good quality of drinking water.

Some water filtration processes use reverse osmosis that sanitises every drop of water that goes through the water cooler. Not only does it offer fresh and clean water but also adds alkalinity to enhance the hydration properties of the water.

This revolutionary process of sanitising water includes boosting water nutrients and balancing the pH level. It helps remove dirt, rust, lead, chlorine and other harmful chemicals in the water. This process also makes the water taste better. When the supply of your drinking water is this good, your employees become more efficient and productive.

Why install a water cooler in your office?

Everyone at work gets thirsty at some point. Generally, an employee may have difficulty working with an itchy dry throat or a dehydrated body. Working efficacy is lowered when employees do not feel well or are tired and thirsty.

Offers Clean Drinking Water

The best thing about having a water cooler in your workplace is you and your employees will never run out of chilled or hot water. When you feel thirsty at work or if it’s time for coffee and snacks, clean and safe drinking water is ready at any time.


Water coolers can be rented from providers you can trust. Some renting deals are truly affordable coupled with many benefits. The use of water coolers also helps lower the cost of drinking water. If employees need hot coffee or chilled juice, making one is much more cost-efficient than buying from a cafe.

Environmentally Friendly

Installing a water cooler or dispenser in the office pantry or reception area offers an eco-friendly workplace. It helps lower the use of plastic bottles which lessens the solid waste and the greenhouse gas that harms the environment.

Bottled vs. Bottleless Water Cooler

Which is better for your office – a free-standing dispenser or a plumbed-in cooler?

If you have a structurally staple line of water supply, it may be best to pick a bottleless water cooler. When you connect it to the main water supply, you can provide continuous fresh, clean and safe hot and chilled water for all employees and even clients that come by the office.

If your office structure does not include the main water line, it may be best to rent a bottled water dispenser. Just make sure to find a reliable provider of bottled water that can ensure water availability for your office at any time.

Whether you opt for a bottled or bottleless water cooler in the office, it creates efficiency, reliability and productivity in the workplace.

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