How Can Journalists Grow Their Careers?

How Can Journalists Grow Their Careers?

The art of gathering and manipulating authentic information and then putting it in data visualization and offering it to the world is a challenging task. To pinch out every fact and news from an incident and then to author it wisely is what journalists are known for. They dive into the ocean of information to pick those important yet true golden pearls of facts that can build their authority as a good journalist and also can serve humanity with the latest and quality information.

Journalism has seen many decades. From non-print to print media or newspapers to social media, journalism is continuously evolving to make it with modern innovation but are journalists evolving too?

When basic journalism skills are required, the days are gone to get a good status and land you a great job. But due to the advancement in technology, the world of news reporting has taken a wide transition.

People now possess one of the great inventions in their hands. They want to be quick. They are after saving time. When people can search for news within a matter of seconds, why do they want to buy a newspaper? According to research, around 80% of Americans get news from digital sources. To cope up with the evolution, journalists have to keep updating themselves. They have to learn the latest skills and adapt to different media conditions, and that’s what mindful journalists are already doing to escalate their careers. Steve Ladurantaye is a successful journalist and a great writer. He has worked in Canada’s largest newsrooms for countless hours consulting as an expert.

Top Skills Required To Be A Great Journalist

  • Communication Skills

Communication skills are needed to interview someone. With modern and advanced communication skills, journalists can stand a good chance in collecting resourceful information from the interviewed person. Except for interviewing, communication skills are crucial to present information in chronological order and grab the reader’s attention. And that’s what modern tv anchors are doing. Remember your grandparents sitting at the tv and listening to the news for about 2 to 3 hours. That’s all well-articulated communication skills.

  • Critical Thinkers

A good journalist always keeps a step ahead of time. Evaluating and digging bits of information is a demanding task that requires great thinking skills. To grow your career, you should adopt good critical thinking skills. These skills helped Steve Ladurantaye Ottawa-based to succeed in his career as a journalist and become a multi-platform newsroom manager. People are after the current developments, they want to be updated, and this is where your thinking and analyzing ability comes into play. A good journalist always performs a handful of research that is unbiased of his opinions. It all contains the facts and figures.

  • Learn Modern Tools

Digital media is a vast platform for news in the modern era. Mobile devices, computers, laptops are now the authority to view and search for any information. As a journalist, you should be able to understand how modern devices work.


For most of the community, journalism is not a good career choice. But, that’s not true. You can scale up your journalism career by adapting to modern skills. And that’s all you need to become a good and modern journalist.

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