How can I make my blog popular?

Every day, over a million WordPress blogs are created. No slow shared hosting plan or lightning-fast managed WordPress hosting provider can compete. We strongly advise you to use a managed WordPress host for optimal performance and ease of use. We recommend WP Engine, which powers your sites.

But starting a blog is easy. The most challenging task is to keep it alive and popular. But even a fantastic blog won’t become popular overnight. Build it, and they will come. But we can help! Let’s look at some quick ways to boost your blog’s popularity.

1. Focus on one topic.

People who want to document their lives, the universe, and everything else uses blogs. One or two of your posts may interest some, but the lack of variety will turn off most visitors. If you want to talk about anything, vlogging may be better.

A successful blog should be focused on one or two topics and updated regularly. If you can’t write in-depth about a single topic, broaden your focus as your traffic grows. If you love growing strawberry plants but want to keep your blog going, you should focus on only one topic, e.g., fruit tree cultivation and gardening in general.

2. Become an expert in your field.

Do you trust Marie Curie Cancer Research or Joe Blog’s Healing Crystals? Why didn’t Google show me Joe Blog’s Healing Crystals? The answer is obvious, and Google knows it.

Google’s automated ranking algorithm and quality checkers look for dependability. It is essential for posts about health and finances and other topics. To become famous, you must first have sufficient knowledge of the subject matter you write.

How do you demonstrate your knowledge? We don’t know how the rankings work, but we assume they do. Despite its broad scope, link building should not be artificial or shady.

You can list your qualifications and work experience in your author biography. If you’re a CCNA with ten years of experience building corporate networks and writing about network routers, brag away.

It’s fine to share your knowledge and expertise. Show off your achievements. Show your knowledge. Explain why they should trust you.

3. Make use of Google’s Search Console.

Google’s free Webmaster’s Tools service provides instant feedback on topics like:

  • Your website’s ranking in search results (number of times it is displayed to a search user vs. number of times it is clicked on, etc.)
  • Non-indexed pages and sitemaps can harm indexability. besides Google’s technical issues
  • The server returned 404 or a different server.
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • It is not Google Analytics and is easy to set up and use, and it’s free.

4. Mobile-Friendly Your Blog

Nearly half of all web searches are now conducted on mobile devices. Websites sometimes don’t work correctly on mobile devices or load slowly on 3G connections.

Google will be your primary traffic source until you build a strong following to keep repeating yourself. Websites that have issues with mobile users will be penalized by mobile-first indexing. 

For making your website mobile-friendly, it is vital to choose a scalable design. Look for “responsive” themes. If your theme store doesn’t have this option, you can use the Chrome desktop browser to simulate a mobile device. You can check more here on how to start a blog.

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