How Can Heels be Matched Differently with Your Clothes?

“High heels have real power when they combine with good clothes!” As high heels come in various shapes and sizes, so getting a perfect heel for your attire can be a challenging task. Even if you are styling for the office or getting ready for a night out, knowing more about different heels and how to wear them is significant.

This post shows what heels shoes for women are in trend and how to club them with a variety of clothes.

Kitten heels

If you are considering a pair of low-impact heels to match your selvedge denim or slip dress, kitten heels are an appropriate shoe option. These heels are short stiletto heels that go well with office wear, pantsuits, denims, and several other clothes in your wardrobe.

Block heels

Block heels are made quite stout and are the ideal conversion back to the mighty heel. The ultimate match of comfort, class and mere wearability, chunky blocks in this season can be tricky to pair with anything.

Just because of their attributes, these heels will bring attention apart from anything else in your attire, so make sure to keep the remaining ensemble light in colour. Being apparent of full-length pants, skirts or dresses will help you avoid looking awkward or heavy with this type of footwear.

Pants that are single-coloured and slightly higher on the hem will truly highlight the fascination of the block heels shoes.


Stay bold with this imposing number on your toes. Stiletto heels are exciting and call for happier histories and bright futures. Whether you want to make a compelling statement in the boardroom meeting or to hit up your spotlight on the dance floor, stilettoes reserve prime space in a shoe lover’s wardrobe.

You can also wear them at weddings with sarees and evening dresses, or try them in place of pumps or sneakers with jeans. Stilettos heels are normally worn on exclusive occasions, but there is no specific rule that this heel type cannot be worn on a regular joyful day.


Slingbacks include a delicate strap that covers all over the heel, which helps protect your foot within the shoe. Slingbacks keep the overpass of your foot bare for an extended and genuine look. Closed-toe slingback heels are essential for getting the best office look.

Corset heels

Corset heels are an extraordinary shoe type that is available in many variations. Many corset heels include the foot on one or other side and possess a supporting lace up the front. These heels go perfectly with bodycon dresses, miniskirts, and little black dresses.

Lace-up shoes can also be adorned with skirts and tops to get an overall casual feel. The wedges heels only keep things easy for your angles; selecting a shoe pair does real chattering is up to you.

Cone heels

This type of heel possesses an ice cream cone shape, with the wider portion of the heel linked to the shoe’s body, pointing to a slimmer point at the spike. You can wear cone heels with dresses such as A-line silhouette heels and maxi skirts.


Mulesare slip-on heels offered in different textures (for example, canvas or suede) and a variety of heights. This heel type is backless and normally pairs best with summer dresses, midi skirts, and day-to-night attire.

Ankle strap

Ankle strap heels are a limited-to-high-heeled shoe that involves a strap that covers all over the ankle and is attached by a buckle. Whereas ankle strap heels are functional shoes, they can make the legs look smaller and are best matched for taller girls.

Platform heels

Platform heels give height to the complete shoe, apart from the only heel. The larger the platform, the smaller the heel will feel, making it simpler to walk in for a few wearers. You can put on this heel with cocktail attire, jeans, or maxi dresses.

Peep toes

If you need breathing space for your feet, a peep-toe heel includes an opening in front of the shoe that gives exposure to your toes while keeping up your beautiful look. Peep toes are extremely effective and match everything from skin-fit jeans to evening gowns.


With the best pair of heels shoes, your entire style can be complemented. Thus, you should consider your clothes’ colour, style, accessories, and material before choosing any shoe style.

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