How Adult Occupational Therapy Can Help With Managing Parkinson Disease

Parkinson’s disease will come with many changes for patients. Not only will a patient face inevitable health issues, but they will also face physical and environmental obstacles. The best physical therapists in Baton Rouge can help patients develop the skills and plans necessary to maintain independence as long as possible. The professionals will also help patients maintain their life as much as possible through occupational training and custom exercise programs.

Finding New Ways To Complete Tasks

One thing an occupational therapy clinic in Louisiana will teach Parkinson’s patients is adaptability. The condition will change how a person works and lives. The objective of therapy is to find new ways to perform routine tasks so patients can maintain control and pattern in their lives. The changes can seem strange or difficult at first, but patients will become comfortable with practice. The new actions will become second nature. However, some patients may show hesitation, especially in the early stages of the disease, because they may not see a need to change their behavior initially. Reluctant patients need to understand that PT is about preparing them for their new reality. 

Introduction to New Tools for Daily Routines

Baton Rouge physical therapy professionals do not fear tools to help patients adapt to changes. Tools can be anything from reach aids to canes or walkers. The use of such tools for daily routines may seem frustrating for some patients at first. Many patients might view the use of aids as giving into their disease. While the psychological challenges might seem frustrating, patients need to understand that using tools will help them maintain some typical activities. In truth, tools can help patients maintain their independence for longer periods. One of the most significant benefits of occupational therapy is assisting patients in realizing they still have autonomy.

Designing Exercises To Build Strength and Restore Function

One thing all therapists understand is the individuality of each patient. Every Parkinson’s patient who comes to physical therapy will have different skills and mobility levels. It is impossible to prepare a universal program that caters to the needs of every patient. Therefore, every therapist will take standard protocols and practices and tweak them to suit the patient and the objective. 

Occupational therapists are experts in designing custom therapies to help restore strength and function to patients. A therapist must consider the needs of each patient and help them achieve personal goals. The therapist will usually visit homes or offices to help patients learn how to operate with their condition on their home turf. 

Parkinson’s is a progressive disease. Working with a physical or occupational therapist early and often is one of the best ways to maintain form and function. However, all patients should know that change is inevitable. A physical therapist can help you or a loved one learn the necessary skills to maintain independence for as long as possible. If you are interested in pursuing physical or occupational therapy, contact a qualified professional in your area. You can schedule a consultation and assessment to learn more about the process.

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