Hospitality Management Course in Agra – A Perfect Career Platform

Established in 2007, UEI GLobal is one of the leading institutes of hotel management in India. It is affiliated to various universities and is recognized as the Best Hotel Management Institute in Agra. It is known for its excellence in education and has won several awards for its projects and programs in hospitality management. In fact, it has won prestigious accreditation for its programs and projects. Many hoteliers in different parts of the country have graduated from this prestigious institution. It is also affiliated to several reputable hospitality management bodies of international repute.

There are various branches in this institute including, Hospitality, Tourism, Management, Financial and Marketing and many others. If you have completed from 12th standard from a recognized board in India, then you can opt for either Diploma or Degree in Hotel Management in Agra. However, if you do not have, then you can still undergo hospitality education in International Certificate. Many students have bagged scholarships and worked their way through to earn a degree.

The Hospitality diploma course deals with guest and hostess services, hospitality management, advertising and promotion, management of special events, hospitality law, etc. The institute also offers internship and master’s degrees in hospitality. Thus, if you want to join the hospitality industry and achieve your goals and objectives, you can seriously consider enrolling for the Hospitality diploma course at UEI Global Hotel Management Institute.

This is the only educational institute that is exclusively dedicated to the hospitality industry and offers you a one-year specialization course in Hospitality and Tourism. The Hospitality diploma course can be of various streams like Restaurant and Hospitality Management, Hospitality Business Development, Hospitality Executive, Hotel Reservation and Strategy, Hotel Service Planning etc. You can choose the stream that best suits.

Apart from the Hospitality diploma courses, there are several subjects on business and international co-operations that are offered by the Agra hotel management institutes. Some of these subjects include International Finance, HRM, Retail and Restaurant Business, Tourism, Human Resources etc. These courses are ideal for those who are looking forward to starting their own venture in this domain. On completion of these courses, you get a certificate as well as an MBA. The certificate has a lot of advantages and can be useful in your career prospects.

One of the most important things that make up a good Hospitality and Tourism management program at the Agra hotel administration college is its teaching style. You need to be taught the most basic aspects of managing hotels and resorts and then elevated to a higher level of teaching. Most of the programs offered by the Hospitality and Tourism institute also include internships that help you understand the finer points of running a resort or a hotel. It gives you hands-on experience of the day to day operations at the institute and eventually helps you gain entry in a senior management position.

The Hospitality management courses offered by the institute are taught by highly experienced professionals who have years of practical experience in this domain. Their teaching style is highly innovative and highly interactive so that the students are able to learn new ideas on a constant basis. This prepares them well for their jobs in hospitality management. The course includes subjects like Hotel Foundations, Hospitality and Tourism. All the courses are taught on an individual basis so that the students are not dependent on any particular institute.

In order to enroll in these courses, you need to fulfill certain requirements. You need to be atleast 12th standard pass and sit for aptitude test

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