Hiring the top rated SEO consultant in Singapore

Businesses of all sizes in Singapore realize that maximizing the number of leads and order is crucial for business growth. Increasingly people are using the internet and more specifically search engines for finding new suppliers and also ordering online. Hence companies would like to ensure that their business website ranks in the first page of the search results. Search engines like Google, Baidu, Bing are using algorithms for ranking the millions of websites for various keywords, so search engine optimization (SEO) is usually necessary for ranking well in search. Many businesses would like to hire the top SEO Consultant in Singapore to maximize the leads generated through search. Hence some of the criteria for choosing the right seo consultant are discussed.

Customer list

One of the best indications of the competence of the SEO consultant is the customer list, especially the number of repeat or long time customers. Well established SEO companies understand the ranking criteria and algorithms of the search engines well, so they are able to provide the results which are promised. Hence they have a large number of satisfied customers who have used their services for more time. So if the SEO consultant has a large customer list, which includes reputed companies and brands, it is an indication that the SEO consultant will be able to increase visitors and leads significantly


Another criteria for checking whether the SEO consultant is effective, is the increase in the leads and visitors generated for the existing clients. Ultimately the aim of hiring an seo agency is increasing the number of leads generated for the business at a reasonable cost. Before they start SEO for a client, the SEO consultant will do a detailed analysis for the website, including number of visitors and leads generated. They will then measure the increase in visitors and leads as they SEO the website. A competent consultant will be able to provide the statistical information on how he was able to significantly improve the number of visitors, leads for his top client.

Scope of work

The scope of work done by the SEO consultant should also be considered, since the scope of activities of each consultant may vary. In some cases, the SEO consultant may ask the client to specify the top keywords for his business, and optimize for the keywords specified. Better SEO consultants understand that many business owners do not understand how SEO and keywords are linked, so they do the keyword research themselves to find the most relevant keywords for the client. They then use onsite and offsite optimization techniques for the website to improve the website ranking in search engines, maximize traffic and leads generated.


While there are many SEO consultants offering seo services, one of the most important criteria for choosing the right consultant is whether they offer a guarantee of improvement in ranking, visitors and leads generated. The top rated seo consultants are so confident of the seo techniques they use, that they promise that the customer will get the results required within three months, or they will work for free till they get the promised results.

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