Heron Preston and BAPE(r) Collab

The BAPE(r) line of sneakers features a mismatched BAPE and Heron Preston label on the upper. This combination allows the sneakers to be very unique in their look, and is a favorite among BAPE fans. The ‘STA’ label is one of the most famous images in BAPE culture.

Heron Preston’s Street Sweeper

A Bathing Ape has added Heron Preston to its list of creative partners. The designer has previously worked with Virgil Abloh and Kanye West. In 2017, he launched his own label. Preston is best known for his oversized utility wear, which he has transferred to the BAPE STA pattern.

The collaboration between BAPE and Heron Preston is an homage to the ’80s and ’90s, when the BAPE brand first became a global phenomenon. The limited edition collection honors the history of this iconic brand by recreating its iconic graphics and styles. The limited-edition line includes new versions of the iconic APE HEAD logo and BAPE’s BAPESTA reps sneaker. The collaboration also features a trucker hat, double-knit painter pants, and sweatpants.

The Street Sweeper crewkick features a premium leather base and canvas on the upper overlays. It features ABC camo on the front, and an orange star logo on the back. The mid-panel and toe-box are made of smooth white leather. Brass BAPE dubrae are embedded into the base of the lacing. The tongue label echoes the branding of Preston’s own brand, while the laceless hoodie has a signature orange Heron Preston logo on the side.

Mismatched BAPE(r) and Heron Preston labels

The Heron Preston and BAPE(r) collab is all about cool, oversized utility wear. Heron Preston has worked with Kanye West and Virgil Abloh. His line carries many of the same signature elements as BAPE, including a hazard orange pattern and oversized utility wear.

The Heron Preston x BAPE collaboration has created a unique way to pay tribute to the iconic American hip-hop brand. The limited capsule features reimagined cult pieces from BAPE(r)’s archives. This collaboration is a tribute to the legacy and history of the brand.

The classic two-tone color-blocking technique is used on the upper. The ABC camo is the primary print, with the Swoosh logo replaced with a lateral star logo. The midfoot paneling and toebox are smooth white leather. The heel and tongue tags feature Heron Preston’s signature product label.

BAPE(r)’s iconic STA

The BAPE STA has become an iconic sneaker. Originally dropping in 2000, the STA has become synonymous with A BATHING APE. Since its launch, the STA has evolved into an entire catalog of iconic silhouettes. Its design has also caught the attention of international celebrities.

The BAPE STA is a classic, yet modernized, design. It comes in three timeless colourways and is equipped with an updated sole that shapes your step in an inimitable manner. The soft suede upper is complemented by premium leather to provide a classic mood.


Originally dropped in 2000, the BAPE STA crewkick has grown into a staple of Japanese hip-hop streetwear. Designed by legendary Japanese label A BATHING APE, the sneakers have gained the attention of international superstars. These include Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, and Pusha T.

Featuring a leather upper, the STA logo is set against the opposite color for a striking effect. The logo is further emphasized by a fine leather and contrasting PVC outline. The BAPE STA SK8 STA is available in three different color combinations, and comes with adjustable lace holes. The midsole is made from gum rubber, and the leather upper is finished with a leather STA motif and signature logo.

The new BAPE STA ™ crewkick brings back the classic style of the ’90s while bringing a contemporary edge to it. These stylish sneakers are available here https://www.crewkick.net/ in classic colours, and feature a modern shaped sole with an improved cushioned inner sole. The lightweight sole also helps to make each step a breeze. Combined with premium leather materials and soft suede, this crewkick has a sophisticated yet understated mood.

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