Soy Sauce

Health Benefits of Soy Sauce not Many Know About

2200 years back in Ancient China, soybeans were fermented to form soy sauce. At that time no one had an idea about the popularity it’s going to gain. Today, soy sauce is also included in the first few names that rush into your mind whenever you listen to the word sauce. The versatility in its use and the transformation it brings to a number of dishes are the major reasons behind its success.

However, along with adding taste to various dishes, this sauce has many health benefits as well. Many of you might not be aware of these benefits, but the nutrition facts of this sauce could easily explain these benefits. It contains nitrogen, proteins, fats, calories, minerals, and vitamins in different proportions. All these nutrients are necessary for healthy lifestyle.

Following are some of the top listed health benefits of soy sauce, and surely you will be unaware of most of them.

Source of Sodium

A single tablespoon of soy sauce can provide you with more than 300 mg of sodium. Sodium is one of the essential elements that are required by our body for normal functioning. It helps in regulating the blood pressures and controls neural activities as well. The active membrane potential and resting membrane potential is the activity that transports the messages between interconnected neurons and this process is supported by the movement of sodium and potassium ions.

An average adult person requires about 2300 mg of sodium daily and this can easily be obtained from soy sauce. The best thing about it is that it is beneficial for those as well who are suffering from some cardiovascular diseases and require sodium in less amounts. 

It gives the same taste as salt while keeping the sodium level low. In this way, one can enjoy the complete taste despite having cardiovascular diseases. It decreases the sodium level to 50 percent as compared to salt while maintaining the same taste.

Antiplatelet Activity

No one can deny the importance of palettes as they help in stopping the bleeding by forming clots. However, sometimes this clotting activity could be dangerous for you. This is because they combine in the blood vessels and form clots. These clots interrupt the passage of blood or if present in a bigger size, they could even block the whole pathway.

This could cause serious issues as your blood is not circulating properly. Such clotting can also lead to death if it remains unnoticed. However, soy sauce is very beneficial in this case. It has the ability to perform antiplatelet activity which doesn’t let them combine and form clots within the vessels. 

Antihypertensive Property

Salt is probably the first thing that is inhibited by high blood pressure patients. However, soy sauce can be used by them as well. The reason behind this is the antihypertensive property of the soy sauce. It contains a little amount of nicotianamine. It controls hypertension and therefore can be used by blood pressure patients despite having a salty taste.

Anti-mutagenic Activity

This might be the most surprising benefit of soy sauce. No one could even think that an ordinary sauce could be a weapon against the deadly cancer causing cells. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, and endometrial cancer are caused by the mutagenic cells present in these regions. These affected cells grow at a rapid rate and take cancer into its last stages where it becomes almost incurable.

However, soy sauce can reduce the multiplication rate of these cells and help in treating cancers. The researches are going regarding this property and there is an experimental proof that shows that it reduces the growth of mutagenic cells in mice.

Anti-allergic Property

Like ketchup, soy sauce also contains some carbohydrates. The most important of them is soy polysaccharide, which has a concentration of 1 percent. It is a powerful anti allergenic and also has some enzymes that inhibit the production of histamine. In this way, it controls a lot of allergic and inflammatory processes in the body.

You will definitely be surprised to know these benefits of soy sauce. However, all these are additional benefits, as the primary function of this sauce is to taste up your meals.

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