Healing On a Cellular Level with Light Therapy

The common thing between humans, plants, animals, and all other living organisms is that all are made of tiny little cells. Cells work as the primary unit of all living things, including human beings. A human body is made up of trillions of human cells, and all these cells have their own tasks to deal with. Various types of cells have various functions, and these cells keep working on them constantly to keep our body fully functional and keep us alive.

As cells are the basic building block of our bodies, and each part of a cell has specific and different functions to take care of, everything in our body depends on these cells. All the functions of our body start on a cellular level to make things properly work. The command center of the cell is the nucleus, which contains human DNA. These and all other parts of the cell combine to form an organism and take part in crucial activities for our bodies, such as energy production, nutrient intake, hereditary material processing, structure building, etc. Cells also make sure that our bodies get enough nutrients and energy to function properly 24/7.

Whenever something happens to our body, or in other words, we suffer from any kind of health problems or injuries or illness, the cells in the related parts of our bodies get dysfunctional. The problem occurs in the first place because the cells in the related area got affected or damaged. So, whenever you are trying to deal with a health problem or injury, it’s best if you can start the healing process on a cellular level. By starting the healing process on a cellular level, you can get healed properly. Also, the issue can be totally uprooted with that.

For getting healed on a cellular level, there are a few options you can go for. Getting light therapy is also among those options. In fact, light therapy is the most effective and popular option among them. Let’s have a look at how light therapy can help you heal on a cellular level.

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy refers to the application of strong light to the body at specific frequencies and wavelengths. A light therapy device is used to radiate a very strong light, and when someone exposes their body to that light, the light gets absorbed at the cellular level. Then it helps to increase cellular energy, restore normal cell function, and enhance the healing process of the body on the cellular level.

Light therapy can be of different types based on the color of light used in the therapy. Various colors of light are used in light therapy, such as red light, blue light, green light, amber light, white light, etc. Among these, red light therapy is specifically used to heal cells. Red light therapy comes with numerous benefits, as it helps deal with those issues by generating necessary hormones and chemical reactions on a cellular level.

Red light therapy can help relieve inflammation and pain, increase blood circulation, and heal tissue. It also helps in treating many other conditions, such as

  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Backpain
  • Wounds, burns, and other injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological conditions
  • Skin Problems
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Hair Loss Problems

Red light therapy also helps provide the necessary energy, comfort, and relaxation you might need. Most importantly, this therapy helps deal with various mental health problems like depression, anxiety, SAD, stress, etc.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work for Healing?

Our cells have mitochondria, which provide the cells with the necessary energy to run all the reactions and functions. Mitochondria produces ATP that provides the cells with their necessary chemical energy. Mitochondria work as the powerhouse of the cells, as they produce ATP by taking in nutrients from our foods, breaking them down, and then combining them with oxygen. Mitochondria also help in cell growth and multiplication. The work done by mitochondria is essential for our life.

When the red light is emitted on your body, it will penetrate your skin, muscles, e=and even bones, to create simulations in your cells. The mitochondria of cells have a photoreceptor called “cytochrome c oxidase”, and red light acts on it. This enzyme combines oxygen with NADH to drive ATP production in healthy cells.

When cells get damaged due to injury, stress, aging, or any illness, the mitochondria of cells start producing Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide interrupts the oxygen to bind with cytochrome c oxidase and binds with the enzyme itself. The production of ATP gets stopped as a result. Damaged cells also cause the production of oxidative stress that leads to cell death and inflammation.

When you radiate strong red light on the damaged cells by using a light therapy device, the light works to break the bond between cytochrome c oxidase and nitric oxide. As a result, nitric oxide gets released into the bloodstream, causing an increase in blood circulation. Oxidative stress also gets displaced. Most importantly, Oxygen is again able to combine with NADH and the production of ATP starts again. So, ATP gets produced at optimal levels, and the cells are able to start working to fight infection, regenerate tissues, and perform their specific functions.

Final Words

You can see how red light therapy can help you deal with a number of issues by healing you on a cellular level. Whenever you suffer from specific issues like wounds, injuries, skin problems, pain, etc., you can try getting red light therapy. The light will penetrate your skin, muscles, and bones, and work on a cellular level to help you get rid of the problem. Since it will help you heal on a cellular level, it works wonders in the healing process. You can easily go through this therapy at your home by using a light therapy device. Also, the therapy is totally safe and doesn’t have notable side effects.

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