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HD Video Brochure Mailers Get Extraordinary Marketing Results

HD Video Brochure Mailers are extremely effective. If you’re a marketer looking for a strategy to outperform your current tactics, these are amazing!

For instance, we’ve had customers report as high as a 70% increase in business transactions after they’ve been distributed. Truth is, they blow practically all other marketing strategies away… and wouldn’t you love to experience results like that?

What Really Matters In Marketing

What really creates success in marketing? Is it ROI? Or ROE — return in experience?

To explain, as a marketer, your company needs your messages to produce a return on the money spent to create and distribute them. Also, marketing has the ability to make or break a company, and as you use your insight and skills to create messages that’ll grab attention and hold it, your goal remains the same — to create sales. Then, when it works and you get recognized for it, it feels amazing!

All the while, isn’t the experience your strategies give your target audience and your salespeople really what produces a return? In our opinion — yes, and focusing on those experiences can help make your strategies more successful.

Video Activated Marketing Products Produce Excellent Returns

According to GradSchools.com, consumers are exposed to anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. The difference depends on where someone lives, their career, and how much time they spend online.

With that in mind, most people have learned to tune most of them out. At the same time, if you work in marketing, your goal is to overcome that challenge.

To accomplish that, HD Video Brochure Mailers are a solution that makes it happen. Here’s why:

  1. Being the recipient of marketing media that includes videos feels exciting.
  1. Videos feel more appealing than motionless content.
  1. Videos help marketers get their messages in the same room as their targeted prospects.
  1. Decision-makers search for videos when trying to gain knowledge.
  1. Videos show products and services being used in actual circumstances to increase trust.
  1. Videos say and show more in less time than motionless content.
  1. According to Marketing Dive, 85% of consumers are more likely to buy something they’re already considering after watching a video about it.
  1. Videos are now the most preferred method of learning.
  1. In general, people just don’t read much anymore.
  1. Videos arouse emotions, which prompts viewers to respond.

With that said, to get the best return on the money your company spends on marketing, we suggest you discontinue using any antiquated tactics and start using Video Activated Marketing Products instead.

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