Guide To Run Your Beauty Business Online

“Beauty” is one of the significant constituents of human existence.

With most of our lives on social media, beauty has become an important factor in human life. Beauty and cosmetic products are selling like hot cakes even though the pandemic jolted everything down which proves how much we humans are concerned about our appearance. To keep up with that, we try every available cosmetic product, among which, one that is gaining popularity and attention a lot today is – Castor oil. 

Castor Oil and the Cosmetics

The role of castor oil in cosmetics is not at all a newborn trend. It has been sitting on all of our kitchen shelves for years, ignored or rarely used, which is today in great demand due to its long list of medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Moreover, with countless eyes viewing our profile pictures, posts, and whatnot, we all have become very much focused on how we look, what we wear, etc., to impress the viewers and gain attention due to which investment in and sale of cosmetic products is constantly riding high no matter what is happening in the world around. The only change that happened is today people are more interested in natural cosmetics than those chemically ones that are digging up new opportunities for cosmetic businesses who want to sell natural and organically-produced cosmetics. 

Due to the change in people’s attitudes towards beauty, and with them preferring herbal, natural, cruelty-free cosmetic products more, castor oil manufacturers in India are enjoying a fruitful business and if you too are interested in joining the bandwagon then here’s a guide for you about how you can kick start your online cosmetic business smoothly and run it without any hiccups or roadblocks ahead. But before that, let’s take a sneak peek at the current and future of the online cosmetic business to understand how it is going to be a profitable move for you. 

At present, the Cosmetic Market is valued at approximately USD 13 billion and is expected to cross its valuation to more than USD 29 billion by the year 2026 (as per the report of business wire). Like any other industry, the cosmetic industry also has its presence in the digital market. As per the reports of financial express, the online cosmetic industry is expected to reach USD 4.4. Billion by the year 2025. The digital platforms are the latest malls and shopping centres owing to their easy access, ease of choosing products, placing an order, availability of reviews, discounted price, and getting the product delivered at the desired place. Additionally, the pandemic has boosted the growth and reach of digital platforms among consumers remarkably. India as a country is witnessing a transitional period in the digital retail space and hence now is the right time for budding entrepreneurs to begin their venture in the sale of cosmetics on the digital platform. 

So, here’s a guide to starting a flawless online cosmetic business

Find a niche 

The beauty industry is already massive, and to stand out, you need to either offer something unique or have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). For example, you can make castor oil-based cosmetic products your USP as they can prove to be something that can break the market if you get into it. Hydrogenated castor oil in cosmetics is said to do wonders not just to the skin but overall beauty. It is a synthetic ingredient used in a variety of cosmetics and skincare products to help improve the texture and effectiveness of the formulation. Rich in triglycerides from ricinoleic acid, hydrogenated castor oil acts as a surfactant, emulsifier, and emollient in cosmetics. It is known to exhibit remarkable results for the growth of hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes without causing any side effects and hence is the current favorite among cosmetic manufacturers. 

Focus on most searched products

If you want your online cosmetic business to become noticeable, you need to up your SEO game. Keywords are the voice of people that you can track using various tools and then optimize your content accordingly to gain visibility in the Google search. For example, if “castor oil applications” is the trending keyword, you can try including it in your online cosmetic store to rise in Google search ranking. 

Build up your presence across platforms 

Once the product is finalized and on the roll for sale, you can either create your website or tie up with the already popular online retail markets like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purple, etc. to get into selling. Parallelly, you can sell your products on your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp that requires zero investment but has a wider reach across various segments of consumers. Alternatively, you can also create and host ads on Google, YouTube, etc., where people can get to know about your brand, and if they seem interested, visit your site to buy on the spot. 

Up your branding and labeling

Branding is the key to grabbing the attention of customers. Create a visually pleasant and relatable brand image as per the current trends keeping in mind the targeted audience. Ensure not just the brand image, but, the actual contents of your product are reliable and genuine. Also, pay attention that everything from labeling, packaging, to shipping, has a professional touch as anything cheap will cost you more than you can imagine. 

Collaborate and gain popularity

Social media has several artists who are quite popular among consumers. So, once you know the targeted audience, you can approach such content creators and have a tie-up with them for promoting your product, but, in the said process, ensure not to overdo the promotional activities as that creates an image of shady business. Having quality content in limited numbers will create trust and reliability in the brand. 

Also, share the products with content creators who are into skincare and cosmetics for their genuine review and feedback. Be prepared for negative feedback and work on them in case there are any. Do not hesitate to publish your reviews on platforms as people today rely on reviews more before buying, and also ask them to drop a review after the purchase because reviews are the best publicity a brand can get. 

Get your pricing right

Pricing plays a very important part in the retail space. Ensure that your price range is in line with the purchasing power of the targeted audiences and their economic background so that they do not completely ignore the product by merely looking at the price. Also, don’t forget to offer discounts during festivals, weekends, special occasions as once your customers like you and your product, they will not hesitate to buy from you even at non discounted prices. 

Build a loyal customer base

Always put your customers first as, without them, there’s no business. Your customer service, support, problem-solving, and every other service related to customers must be quick and satisfactory. You must keep them engaged before, during, and after purchase to build a loyal customer base. 

Final Thoughts

A beauty segment in eCommerce is well-established, and to emerge among them and keep going; you need to apply a lot of tricks and tactics as per the trends. However, quality is what matters the most, which we at Ambuja Solvex have maintained in our castor oil products from the time we started and hence are the reason why we are the most reliable source for castor oil among cosmetic manufacturers. 

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