Guide to Buying Men’s Wedding Ring

We all know that finding a piece of jewelry that fits our style is a lot harder than we think. Especially when choosing a wedding ring. Not only is it for lifetime use, but it will also be the symbol of the vow you made with your partner.

It is a given that women prefer diamond wedding rings. Surprisingly, an increasing portion of men is opting for diamond rings as well. Provided that this is a recent development, shopping for diamond rings can be more confusing to men compared to women. After all, women are the ones who know their ‘best friend’ well.

The variety of wedding bands is never-ending. And as a man looking for your type in a ring, it can be a disaster. But don’t worry!

This article will help you choose the perfect diamond wedding ring by providing what needs to be considered.

Men’s Wedding Ring Guide

  1. Find Your Style

Having a style preference in mind will save you a lot of time when shopping for men’s diamond wedding bands. It is suggested to look at jewelry catalogs and brochures to find what kind of ring suits your taste.

The style of diamond rings varies. You can always opt for a flashy or simple wedding band. The choice is completely up to you. Knowing your style beforehand is key to choosing the perfect wedding ring.

  1. Know Your Band Size

It is important to know your actual band size when searching for wedding rings. If it is your first time shopping, you can have the size of your ring finger measured. You can take note of the size so you won’t need to repeat the process when asking in different stores. All you have to do is state your band size and they will show you your options.

However, your band size can change depending on your weight. Thus, it is important to give your band size an allowance if ever you lose or gain weight.

  1. Understand the Different Metal Materials

If you have experience with jewelry, maybe you have already chosen what will be used for the ring’s band. If not, here is a brief introduction.

  • Platinum

It is the most famous of all the metals used for wedding rings, a hypoallergenic and easy-on-skin metal that doesn’t corrode and also complements the diamonds flawlessly. Platinum is high-priced because of these reasons.

  • Rose Gold

A mixture of copper, gold, and silver resulting in a pinkish hue, it rose to popularity, especially among those with warmer skin tones.

  • Yellow Gold

It is favored by those who like warm metals. A tough metal that can withstand rust, corrosion, and tarnish, you know it is worth acquiring. Yellow gold is a famous choice for men.

  • White Gold

If you find platinum pricey, white gold is always a good substitute for it. An easy-to-wear lightweight. Because it is plated, if not cared for properly, its color might change and fade.

  • Tungsten

Built to last a lifetime, tungsten became a popular choice for wedding rings for men with an active lifestyle.

  1. Consider Your Budget and the Diamond’s Quality

Of course, wedding day diamonds come with a hefty price tag. But do not worry! There surely is a diamond that could fit your budget.

When choosing any diamond jewelry, you need to consider the 4Cs. These are the cut, color, clarity, and carat of a diamond. The higher the grade a diamond gets for these, the higher its price will be. Thus, it is important to check which diamond grade fits your budget.

  1. Style and Finish of the Wedding Ring

There are a lot of different finishes and styles that some ask for a unique wedding rings, below are some of the styles and finishes you can choose from:

  • Style
    • Classic Court

It is said to be the most common of all styles, inside and outside are both round.

  • Flat Ring

Known to be cozy to wear, the flat ring lives to its name by having a flat inside out.

  • Flat Court

Offers both classic and flat rings by having a flat outside while the inside is round.

  • D-Shape Ring

Its inside is flat while the outside of it is round and thin, often used for those with thin fingers.

  • Edge
    • Straight

A common edge gives a simple clean yet elegant design.

  • Rounded

A smooth soft edge that is the coziest to put on.

  • Beveled

A plain wedding ring with a beveled edge gives off a sleek 3D-like vibe.

  • Finish
    • Sand Blast

Shines attractively in the light with its encrusted surfaces, because of it the feeling of it is grainy.

  • High Polish

A common finish, high polish is directly put on the metal leaving it with a smooth and shiny finish.

  • Satin

A soft matte finish that is popular with most grooms who prefer less shiny wedding rings.

  • Hammered

A unique finish, perfect for those with active daily life. With an appearance like it was pounded, dents and scratches are hard to see.

  • Combination

A mix of satin and high polish leaves you with a blurry finish.

  • Brushed

Just like hammered it can hide scratches too but brushed is less shiny and more of a matte finish.

  • Engraved

Engraved with beautiful patterns symmetrically with the use of a machine.

  1. Choosing a Credible Jeweler

Once you figure out what wedding rings you want, you need to find a shop that can cater to you. It is a must that you compare multiple shops too so you can figure out what shop you want to make your wedding rings. 

If you are buying online, find a shop with high reviews and read them just in case there’s a problem with the shop.

  1. Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask multiple questions about their return and warranty policies. You can also ask them about the quality of their product. 

Know that if there was ever an issue with it and if they refuse to tell you, you can always look for other shops that are more trustworthy. Let’s not forget to ask about discounts too! You never know if there might be available coupons you can use before placing an order.

Buying Men’s Diamond Wedding Ring

Shopping for a men’s diamond wedding band can be tough. Especially since there’s not a lot of it available in the market.

But with these guidelines, finding the perfect wedding rings will be a lot easier. Wedding rings are important to couples because they wear them forever as a sign of their love for each other.

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