Get ready to Paint and Sip in Sydney

Being Australia’s largest city, Sydney has a good set of bars and clubs you could crash on weekends. The city has some classy yet funky places to enjoy the nightlife. If you are looking for ways to relish a special day with friends or family, it would be great to combine two favourite activities.  

Whether it’s your friend’s bachelor party or birthday, there is no fun without food and drinks. You can paint and sip in Sydney to make the celebrations more colourful. Art has become an incredible part of most people’s lives as it is a way of expressing your ideas and escaping reality by exploring the many hues of a beautiful painting. 

Paint and sip are an excellent choice for people to have a good time with friends. You will find several professional studios to host the paint and sip in Sydney. Plan an extraordinary event that eventually becomes the most cherished memory of your life.

In a nutshell, a paint and sip party is a blend of painting sessions with a glass of wine, and this idea has captivated the attention of people in Sydney. Most people consider this trendy session a productive and thoughtful way to have fun with their loved ones. Whether it is an art studio or restaurant, pain n sip sessions can be arranged anywhere.

This is a fantastic experience for individuals, and knowing what to expect will make your celebration more comfortable. When a large group comes in, it is important to check certain things. It is hard to ignore a session of professional painting class in an aesthetically pleasing environment with some favourite drinks. 

Some studios are BYOB, but most of them have an in-built bar. Though wine is a famous drink in paint and sip events, guests can opt for gin, beer or lemonade. If you are gearing up for the event, here is what you need to know.

Guests don’t have to bring supplies

The professional painting classes are paid so guests can be provided painting supplies and other essentials. The painting experience turns more fun with snacks and wine, so many groups have munchies. It is not mandatory to bring anything. If you want to buy something for the special event, you can get any snack as there are no restrictions.

Keep snacks and drinks away

Though paint and sip in Sydney is an excellent combination of art and fun, individuals must allot separate space for painting supplies and food. Studios will have counters to place food and plates, whereas painting tables can accommodate wine glasses and snacks.

Age limitations

When it comes to paint and sip sessions, adults over 25 years of age are the primary participants. However, painters who attend the sessions must be over 13 years old, and unaccompanied minors are not allowed. Many top studios in the city have an exceptional ambience where people can paint while relishing a glass of wine. The studios give you the liberty to choose the timing. You can consult the studios whether you plan for a couple of hours or unwind the entire evening.

If you are ready to attend the paint and sip sessions, visit the studio a few minutes earlier. You can get settled and chat with your friends before the official painting class commences. Though professionals will be there to help you paint, novice painters can also enjoy the time. No prior painting experience is required as the evening is supposed to be a sweet time where you are simultaneously performing two favourite activities (painting and drinking).

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