FSBO Process of selling a house in Florida

Florida is one of the states in the United States with the highest number of international home buyers, many of whom are buying for investment purposes and others who want to spend time in Florida. Property acquisition or selling a house is a process that demands thorough research and experienced advice.

You can avoid paying the realtor’s commission of 2.5–3% when selling a home in Florida. However, most people find selling a house alone too much work. For instance, you’ll need to price your home correctly, or you risk losing out on thousands of dollars. Unless you are an expert and are familiar with the local market, selling your home on your own is generally not worth it.

Benefits of selling a house by owner

  • Save on commission.
  • A direct conversation with the buyer.
  • Easily recognize your surroundings.

If you are unclear about how to sell a house by owner in Florida, here are the detailed steps to follow:

Clarify any problems.

Before offering their house for sale, Florida FSBO sellers might want to consider having their house inspected. Taking care of any problems up front gives buyers confidence when making an offer and helps avoid closing delays because of inspections.

Your home’s curb appeal can enhance by doing small repairs like patching up drywall dents or noisy doors. An outside paint job and some simple landscaping can improve curb appeal.

Set a competitive price for your house.

When selling a house on your own, choosing the right asking price is crucial. If you overprice your property, it may stay on the market longer than necessary; if you underprice it, you risk selling it for much less.

Make plans for expert photography.

FSBO sellers should consider the numerous advantages of hiring a photographer to take images for their listing. Ensure the finest interior and outside lighting, choose the best angles for each room, and the best brightness and exposure.


Since you won’t be listed in the MLS, you’ll have to rely on your marketing skills. Depending on the local market and your budget, marketing strategies may include open houses on social media, flyers, and yard signs.

Field and negotiate proposals.

Hopefully, one or more offers will be made on your Florida property due to your marketing efforts. However, not all offers are worthwhile. You will be responsible for crafting a contract that you are happy with as an FSBO seller. The asking price is important, as are other aspects of the deal like when you’ll agree to move out, whether contingencies will be written into the contract, and if you’ll pay any of the buyer’s closing fees.

Sell your house to potential purchasers.

You’ll do yourself a favor when marketing your house by publishing on many networks to increase visibility. The multiple listing service (MLS) will increase the exposure of your property.

Florida FSBO Requirements

Homeowners must disclose any physical problems or deficiencies in their property that they are aware of, discouraging potential buyers. The Florida Seller Disclosure Form is designed to deal with some of the problems that arise when property owners fail to disclose the actual state of their property.

The two parties’ sales agreement is separate from this paperwork. Real estate disclosure forms are required in the majority of states. The vendor may also be obligated to disclose outside risks in some states.

List of Details in Seller Disclosure Form

An expensive and risky investment is buying a house. Florida state law safeguards buyers’ rights by allowing sellers to disclose specific property issues in the Sellers Disclosure credibly.

  • Information on the property
  • Insurance Claims
  • Restrictions of the Condominium Association
  • Land Use/Roads
  • Claims and Assessments 
  • Roofing Materials
  • Environment
  • Wood destroying Organisms 
  • Sinkholes, soil movement, and settling
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Plumbing
  • Intrusion of Water
  • Electricity System  

FSBO Florida Paperworks

You’ll need a distinct set of documentation for each selling process step. They are as follows:

Documents in Pre-Listing Stages

  • Comparative market study 
  • Original Sale contract
  • The property survey

Documents in Marketing Stages

  • Home inspection report
  • Appraisal report
  • Final purchase agreement 
  • Disclosure documents

Documents in Closing Stages

  • Property tax papers
  • closing statement
  • Deed

Costs in Selling a House 

You’ll find a price list for common services if you wish to sell your home without utilizing a realtor. However, if your home needs repairs or sells in a buyer’s market, you must spend significantly more preparing and advertising your home.

  • Buyer’s agent commission
  • Appraisal Cost
  • Staging Cost
  • Photographer Cost
  • Real Estate Attorney Cost
  • MLS Listing Cost

Closing Process

In Florida, the seller often chooses the title company handling the closing. The following subsequent actions are likely to take place before the deal is completed:

  • Finish the home inspection five to seven days after the purchase contract is signed.
  • Discuss the objects up for inspection.
  • Complete house evaluation performed by an outside, impartial appraiser.
  • Negotiate evaluation outcomes
  • The buyer performs the last tour to ensure the house is “broom clean,” which refers to being swept, vacuumed, and clear of debris and extra items.
  • Additionally, the buyer will guarantee that there hasn’t been any property damage since their last visit.

Finish the sale.

Be aware that just because you’re an FSBO seller closing doesn’t mean you pay any closing costs. Transfer taxes, prorated property, and settlement costs are typical seller closing costs. A seller can request to cover a portion of the buyer’s agent commission if the buyer utilizes an agent.

At closing, the sale proceeds will be reduced by your selling costs; what is left over will be your settlement. See our guide for more information on who is responsible for closing expenses when selling a home directly.


While listing your Florida home without a broker can save you money on commission, some people might not choose to do so. If you collaborated with an agent like Houzeo, it would be beneficial. No Houzeo Complaints can be seen and is one of the best websites for selling a house if you are unfamiliar with the real estate market or don’t feel confident negotiating with prospective buyers.

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