Follow The Tips On What To Watch Out For When Buying A Used Car In Slovakia

The automobile market in Slovakia has many interesting offers for people who look for options to buy used cars. You can either buy a used car from a Slovakian car dealer or a private seller.

There are many online portals and newspaper advertisements for used cars in Slovakia. They filter out new cars in Slovakia and offer a huge number of used car options to choose from. You can compare the make, model, technical conditions, and prices.

Slovakia has several big as well as small used car dealers in every city and town. Good car dealers verify the origin of the car, and service history to protect their customers against dishonest sellers or fraudsters.

Tips for buying a used car

When you are buying a used Slovak car, ensure that the car is in a good condition and available at a reasonable price.

Technical condition

  • Check for the Slovak car’s manufacture year and the number of times the maintenance is done.
  • Check for the mileage, engine oil-change intervals, if the car has ever met with an accident and the extent of the damage.
  • Check for the engine capacity and the battery performance.
  • Check the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) code and the serial number of the engine as it should be the same in the certificate.

Avoid buying a car with rusty or damaged engine number. However, there is a possibility that the old engine has been replaced with a new one which makes it perfect to be bought.

Find the product labels or stickers and match them with the service data like mileage during the last oil change. Compare this data with the current reading on the speedometer.

You need to check the colour and shade of the car paint in daylight and for sprayed garbage, small grits, small edges and small holes in the paint at the bends and around finishing strips like doors, windows, and on the wings.

You should also make a thorough check for the interiors of the used car that you intend to buy to see if the upholstery and the seats are not damaged.

Signing the contract papers

  • Before you sign the contract papers for buying a used Slovak car, see that it has all the necessary information for registering the car. The former owner of the car will keep the Certificate for cancelling the old registration.
  • Ensure that you have the copy so that you are entitled to use the second-hand car you have purchased.
  • Once all the formalities of the car purchase is over, you need to buy car insurance from any of the Slovakian insurance companies. Your car then gets registered in the Slovakian city within seven days.
  • Choosing and purchasing a used Slovak car is an easy process with access to authentic online used car dealers. This way you can avoid amateurs, fraudsters, and imposters.

Choose a reliable used car Slovakian dealer and take a test drive. Buy from authentic sellers who are direct owners and not from any sales agent.

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