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Feminist Movie 101 What’s The Next Big Thing in Feminist Movies

Every year some really good feminist movies that celebrate womanhood are made which portray the ideological conflicts and gender stereotypes in society and how the women are constantly at loggerheads with these perspectives and yet striving to excel in their field. It can be said that the next big thing in feminist movies is the message that women are not supposed to be the object of domination by men, nor do they have to limit their dreams and talents just to satisfy the male ego. These portrayals in the feminist movies of the current times are immensely relevant because, with time, women are starting to understand their positions in society and even fight for their rights to equality by escaping from the clutches of the patriarchal torment. The message of feminism that runs throughout the plotline of these feminist movies acts as a tremendous source of inspiration for the modern women who are trying to break the glass ceiling in every aspect of life, be it in the profession, domestic life, or politics, business or education. Not only has the progress of women been depicted in a positive light in these feminist movies, but also how the women are fighting to reclaim their places in the social hierarchy and raise their voices against all kinds of wrongs that are meted out to them. It is the feminist movies that speak volumes about the empowerment and emancipation of women and how the choice of women should be respected just like those of the men. In order to break the barriers of this patriarchal and sexist world, these feminist movies and the messages that they convey can prove to be a strong source to further the fights and causes of women.

To understand the next big thing in feminist movies the following movies are a must-watch.

The Colour Purple

This movie adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker won a lot of hearts and went on to become one of the most iconic feminist movies that got made in history. This movie explores a very sensitive story of a woman named Celie, who was an Afro-American lady, who had survived racial discrimination views and bigotry all her life. This movie showed that a woman can survive in the harshest of conditions and learns to triumph over adversity through perseverance.

A league of their own

Although there are lots of female sports personalities all over the world there is still a notion that certain games cannot be played by women and when someone tries to change this notion it is considered to be a war against patriarchy. In this movie, the journey of the first female professional baseball player is depicted and the perseverance and strength that a woman can muster when the entire patriarchal society is against them have also been portrayed brilliantly.


When actors like Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron are on the screen, it automatically becomes a deadly combination of femme fatale and acting chops. This movie shows how some female employees team up together against their CEO and teach him a lesson about sexual harassment. In addition to that, this movie highlighted the workplace environment at the journalists’ offices and how they themselves become victims of scandals when they work for a living by reporting scandals for the readers.

Miss Congeniality 

This is one of the remarkable feminist movies that got made where the sexist stereotypes get questioned and the characters slay their part in an unmatchable way. There were several instances of sexual harassment and hints of cornering women as the ugly duckling of the group. Moreover, this movie shows how the role of a woman is perceived in society, and when she wears masculinity as her new personality it gets considered to be messily unsuitable for many people.

Kill Bill 

This movie showed that a woman does not always have to be a pretty face wearing beautiful dresses all dolled up for the men in her life. Uma Thurman gives one of the best performances of her career in this movie where she sets out to seek vengeance on the man who was the reason for the destruction of her entire life. This movie showed that a woman does not always need a man in the form of a knight in shining armour to save her from distress or avenge the wrongs she has suffered with. In fact, a woman can take matters into her own hands and claim justice in her own way.

Thelma and Louise

This movie celebrates the power of feminism in the form of sisterhood between two women who go on a road trip. It shows how women do not need men to have fun and live their lives on their own terms. However, things take a drastic turn when a man ends up dead because of Louise especially when he tries to rape Thelma. Nevertheless, it’s the memorable road trip that the two friends embark on and land in unforeseen circumstances that makes this movie worth watching.

If you are interested to follow the changing nature of society, you must watch feminist movies for they capture and tell different perspectives. Cinema has always been the gateway to the soul of a civilisation. With several movements around the empowerment of women and women realising their rights and fighting for equal rights and opportunities, times are surely changing. And to know how things are unfolding in society, movies are the shortest and one of the most informative ways to do that.To know more, visit https://hercircle.in/engage/culture/pop-culture/Best-15-Feminist-Movies-2021-Top-Female-Empowerment-Movies-To-Watch-1965.html

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