Feminine Energy within Tarot

Feminine Energy within Tarot

Throughout tarot, there are many different archetypes depicted within each card. There are cards that contain more masculine energy, and some that contain more feminine energy. While performing a tarot reading, certain cards may signify a specific person within your life based on the gender of the archetype in the card and the energy that it symbolizes. There are a few cards in most decks that may correlate with the mother figure, fertility, and nurturing energy. These cards may appear within a reading when you are living the role of a nurturer or caregiver. They may also appear when you are in need of emotional support and love from your mother or a female figure within your life. 

The Empress

Within the Major Arcana, there are many cards that exude powerful feminine energy. One of the motherliest cards is The Empress. The card depicts a woman draped in a beautiful gown, sitting on a plush chair. She holds a staff in one hand and rests the other on her knee. She wears a flower crown on her head signifying her connection to nature. In the background is an abundance of trees and a beautiful orange sky that symbolizes fertility. The Empress card expresses knowledge and self-expression. Creativity is abundant when this card is drawn. 

When the Empress appears in a reading, it can often represent a mother figure in someone’s life. This person is strong, nurturing, and unconditionally accepting of the people that she loves. She will do anything for her family and friends, regardless of what it takes. The Square Knot Ring from Story Jewellery’s mother & daughter collection symbolizes the energy of the Empress. This ring’s message is “The love between mother and daughter is forever.” This bond is forever, just as the Empress will do anything and everything for her daughter. The bond she has for the people in her life are forever. 

The Ten of Cups



The love a mother has for her daughter is unbreakable. This love goes beyond all measure. Even in times of disagreement or arguments, the love remains powerful and infinite. There is a card in tarot that reminds me of the love of a mother, especially for her daughters. This card is the Ten of Cups. This card shows a family, holding each other, arms reached up towards the bright blue sky. Above them is a rainbow shining brightly lined with ten cups. These cups represent the emotional fulfillment that comes with family and the love you feel for them. When the Ten of Cups appears in the reading, this is a positive sign that indicates ease, fulfillment, strength, joy, and harmony. This card represents the overall energy of the love that a mother has for her daughter—one that is fulfilling and abundant. 

The motherly, feminine, energy within tarot often provides you with love and nurturing. There are times in life, no matter how old we are, that a hug from our mother could make everything better. 

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