Fancy Some Adventure? Big Bike Touring in the UK

If life has become dull, with a somewhat boring daily routine and when you do get some downtime, you decide to binge watch that latest series on Netflix, perhaps it’s time to introduce some adventure into your life. You will no doubt have seen many big touring motorcycles on your travels and summer is the perfect time to put away the car and uncover your gleaming 750cc touring bike.

Novice Bikers

If you were thinking you could spend a few hours at a bike showroom and leave with a Honda Fireblade 900RR, think again. A powerful motorcycle demands riding ability and here in the UK, the licence requirements are such that you have to pass a few theory and practical tests before being let loose on a 100hp bike. If you are a full car licence holder, you can ride a bike up to 125cc, which would be governed down to meet with power restrictions. Google ‘motorcycle dealers in the UK’ and start by taking a look at the various styles, which are:

  • Sports – MotoGP style bikes for road use only.
  • Tourers – Perfect for long rides with panniers and bags for optimum storage.
  • MotoCross – Off-road machines that are a lot of fun to ride.
  • Street Naked – The Japanese trended these chunky bikes with open engines and lots of raw power.
  • Enduro – For serious off-roaders and extreme adventure addicts.

We recommend taking a basic riding course; wherever you are in the UK, you’re never far from a bike riding school and this tuition will give you the skills to control the bike on a range of surfaces.

Protective Gear

Riding a motorcycle requires that you are well-protected (from head to toe) and this is not something to do on the cheap. Invest in quality Wheels Motorcycles Jackets and pants, with a brand-name helmet, a pair of motorcycle gloves and a good pair of boots with ankle support. This is quite an investment and the good news is your gear should last you a lifetime if you take care of it, plus in the event of a spill, your leather gear should save your skin, quite literally!

Online Bookings

So, you have your big bike, your protective gear and you are ready for some adventure; search online to find an interesting area to visit, then you can book either a camping spot or a bed and breakfast via the Internet. Once you have your accommodation nailed, you can think about the route; the motorways are obviously ideal if looking to get from A to B, but that’s not what touring is all about. The journey plays a major role in the experience and by using A and B roads, you get to see so much more than whizzing down the fast lane of the M4 (speed traps are everywhere). Did you know what a Teddy Guinea Pig is? We didn’t!

Take out premium recovery, which covers you for any breakdown and the crew will take you and your bike to either your destination or to your home, whichever you prefer. Once hooked, you will spend most of your free time on your bike and summers will be favoured.

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