Famous or Notorious According to Dark Joseph Ravine

Over the years, there have been instances of influencers and celebrities doing questionable things on the Internet hoping to go viral. Some of them have been apprehended for their wrongful actions. For example, prank videos have misled others and caused public outrage. Some victims have found themselves harassed, humiliated, or harmed at the hands of a celebrity or influencer. Another example is sexual activity, whereby celebrities and influencers expose themselves to go viral. Public figures often do these things without thinking and earn a certain level of notoriety among the general public. Dark Joseph Ravine, founder of Kindness for Success, shares his views on the matter.

It is well known that going viral is something that is rare that not everyone in the world can experience. Ravine says, “What I have seen about viral videos is that either a video is so great that it becomes a hit, or a video is so bad that the whole world must know about it. I find it very sad that the news we hear daily contains more bad news than good. I believe it would be amazing if there was more good news shared than bad. Most celebrities or influencers who go viral for the negative things they do often do not have a loyal fan base and are not really respected by the general public. Celebrities or influencers who go viral for good reasons are few and far between.” Ravine believes that most notorious celebrities or influencers lack a true fan base. Much of the time, people are following them to continue sharing the bad things these public figures do.

Recently, a news story about a person who had given a purse back to the one who lost it went viral. Ravine notes, “What a heroic move on the part of the 17-year-old young man who returned the purse to the woman who lost it! His actions were impressive, and he has strong morals. The woman was so grateful that she started a GoFundMe page for him. The amazing thing is that the post had gone so viral that young man got so much love from around the world plus many donors on his page. The account of the 17-year-old young man should teach us all that you can go viral for being a helper and a hero rather than someone who seeks notoriety. And that is what I want to be known for as an influencer. I have had many people telling me that the world needs more people like this. That is why I aim to bring more kindness and good into the world. I do hope more people take my message to heart and realize that good truly does triumph in the end.”  Ravine believes there are many ways to do good in the world and become a hero because of it. “At the end of the day, good always prevails. I teach my fans and followers to treat others the way you want to be treated,” concludes Ravine. When fame is gained this way, it can last a lifetime.

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