Caribbean Medical Schools

Examining Requirements for Caribbean Medical Schools

Obtaining admission to an MD program is a dream come true for many students across the globe, but high competition and low acceptance rates in the U.S. and Canadian medical schools makes it very competitive. Would-be medics, however,  are finding the Caribbean medical schools a viable option that promises quality education in modern settings.

Although medical schools welcome students from diverse educational backgrounds, to adapt to the changes in the evolving medical world, there are certain requirements that must fulfilled to allow them into a MD program in the Caribbean. These standard admission requirements revolve around the completion of pre-medical coursework, attending the MCAT exam and providing English proficiency certificates.

If you are interested in joining a medical school in the Caribbean, take a look at the entry requirements for the MD program.

Pre-requisite coursework

Medical schools acknowledge the academic differences in students coming from different parts of the world, but they still highly recommend the completion of pre-requisite coursework as a mandatory requirement. This is to ensure that they understand the basics of science subjects and do not feel lost moving into the medical curriculum.

The pre-requisite coursework suggested by most medical schools is one academic year each of general biology or zoology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and English. Both chemistry subjects must include a laboratory component. 

Students who have completed courses in related subjects such as cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, physics, statistics, mathematics and psychology are given preference during the admission procedure. If you have completed the pre-medical coursework suggested by the medical school, your broad educational background does not matter.


The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) tests your knowledge in basic science subjects, critical thinking and logical reasoning and is mandatory for all students who are U.S. citizens, while strongly recommended for all other applicants.

In case your pre-requisite coursework is older than five years, or your grades in the required courses are lower than a ‘C’, then you must attend the compulsorily MCAT examination. Those who completed their coursework from a community college must also attend the test and score good marks.

Although the MCAT is not a mandatory requirement for everyone, scoring good marks on the test can improve your chances of being selected for the MD program. 

English proficiency

The curriculum and type of instruction in most Caribbean medical schools are formulated in the English language. To prove that they understand the language, all applicants who are non-natives must provide an English proficiency certificate. For this, you must attend the TOEFL or IELTS test and score good marks. 

Presenting a language proficiency certificate ensures that you will not face any difficulty communicating in the classrooms and with your peers.

Apart from these entry requirements, you must remember to submit all your documents without any errors to the college authorities. The documents include official transcripts, personal statements, letters of recommendation and other certificates as asked by the medical school office. 

Finally, fulfill all the requirements, submit error-free documents and the application form and start your journey to becoming a doctor.

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