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Everything You Need To Know About The AdvancedMD EHR Software

Assuming you run a doctor’s office, you realize that your training can be exceptionally serious in the present clinical environment. You need every advantage possible to retain your current patients and attract new patients. One way that you can improve your office for the benefit of your patients is by purchasing a software program designed to serve the specific needs of your medical practice. This is where the AdvancedMD EHR software comes in. Fully featured, intuitive, and customizable, this software could take your practice to soar heights.

AdvancedMD has been around since 1999, being the one and only medical software constructed on a 100% cloud platform. The most obvious advantage of this medical software solution is that it offers its entire suite of software as well as data storage, on the Amazon Web Services cloud hosting platform. For medical practitioners looking to fasten up workflows, acquire data security, and gain easy, seamless, and reliable access to information,  AdvancedMD is it. This software takes the gold with its incomparable standard of hosting, meaning to say that it comes with not just the best features, but also the best pricing. Read on to know more about the ways in which this EHR can benefit your medical practice.

Top Features

Telemedicine and Interoperability

Telemedicine and interoperability have been identified as two of the most popular needs of medical practices, with good reason. The AdvancedMD EHR software stresses the importance of these two features, which allow a clinical practice to expand its outreach to the maximum. The telemedicine facility enables the user to extend the services to areas that were previously impossible to reach. This in turn helps to gain the confidence of customers, allowing the business to benefit from returning customers.

Medical Billing

Paying bills by hand and managing them manually can be a tedious task. The AdvancedMD software serves the billing problem in a way that leaves behind nothing to be done manually. The in-house team and outsourcing facility offered by the software is reliable and seamless, allowing for bills to be managed with caution. Payments are tracked and displayed accurately. Financial performance reports are generated automatically and displayed for the user to remain in touch with the financial standing of the company.

Unified Workflow, Automation & Other

AdvancedMD EHR has been specifically designed to bring together all the work roles of your medical practice in one place. For this reason, the software offers to the user specialized and customizable tools for nearly all roles including forecasting, updating, scheduling, charting, billing, note-taking, and even patient relationship management. These tools and features offered, work hand in hand to enable the staff to carry out work seamlessly and effortlessly.

Crucial information is passed on in no time, hence reducing and avoiding errors. The automation feature allows for tasks, assignments, and dashboards to be organized in a way that reduces labor, saves on time, and enhances information accuracy. Additionally, the software offers remote access, availability of all information at all times, and incredible ease of use.

Patient Engagement

Managing the engagement of patients seems to be the most popular feature of the AdvancedMD EHR software, as identified by patients themselves. Surveys determined that businesses that have the happiest patient reviews, use AdvancedMD. Most patient reviews noted patient engagement as dealmakers and breakers of clinical practice. To run a smooth clinical practice, it is required to formulate appropriate and helpful treatment plans and set up regular interactions that are effective. These top EHR systems make this easier for practitioners by offering options such as a patient portal, patient kiosks, e-communication, remote communication, online appointment scheduling that eliminates waiting time, and finally, reminders.

AdvancedMD EHR Pricing

The AdvancedMD software solution offers flexible and reasonable pricing plans. Small clinical practices with a low patient volume might want to take a look at the software’s encounter-based pricing plan, which stands at $1.42/encounter for their standalone product. On the other hand, the integrated software is $2.18/encounter, which could work well for large practices. As per the standard monthly subscription model, the integrated EHR and PM module of AdvancedMD stands at $729/month/provider. To receive a price quote tailored to your specific requirements, go over to the AdvancedMD official website, and click the Get Pricing button.

AdvancedMD EHR Demo

AdvancedMD offers a free demo, making the decision-making process easier and fair for users. Before spending anything, you can schedule a demo, and have it demonstrate to you everything you need to know. By using the demo, you will feel well equipped in making the right decision for your practice. While the demo is free of cost, the software itself doesn’t offer a free trial, so you might want to take your time exploring the demo.

AdvancedMD EHR Reviews

AdvancedMD EHR reviews are extremely helpful, in that they provide direct insight from users like yourself, into what goes right and wrong while using the software. AdvancedMD stands tall with its 5-star reviews, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews by medical practitioners like yourself. System integration, customization options, intuitive processing, and ease of use were cited to be the topmost features. Customer service and the ability to influence changes in the software was another one of the features that were identified repeatedly by customers.

However, everything good comes with a small setback or two. While most users were delighted with the software’s performance, some did also express their dissatisfaction with the aspects of the software that were left out in the demo. These aspects include some hidden costs including those for add-ons, which can sometimes come in the way of implementing the customization feature that is so confidently advertised by the vendors.

Our Two Cents

While some of the reviews cite unpleasant experiences with a feature or two here and there, AdvancedMD EHR remains the most user-favorite EHR solution. Though it comes with additional costs, the software more than lives up to its price. This software solution is ideally suited to large practices that have the budget for important add-ons and other features that come with additional costs, such as the internal technical support system. All in all, the AdvancedMD EHR software could help a medical practice grow considerably in its productivity and efficiency departments.

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