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“Traumatic events are connected, the very same path seen from various perspectives.” You may well have come across something or the other Lao Taoism statement previously. Lao Tzu is the founder of Taoism; it’s more of a concept and old tradition than faith, even though gods exist in Tao. One of Taoism’s core concepts is the faith in warring sides, or yin and yang. These concepts reflect opposing pairs, including darkness and light, heat and cold, motion and inactivity, that combine to form a unified whole. However, Taoism is practiced by approximately 61 million people in China, the u.s. The census identified just 3,500 Taoists across England & Wales.

At a Taoist memorial service, the air is filled with the scents of candles and flowers, as well as images of the dead person. The Taoist funeral process focuses on life rather than death since they do activities to protect the victim’s spirit from harm.

As a result, you are rarely welcomed to a Taoist funeral. But, learning about it and knowing how Taoists handle and live with die could be interesting, motivating, and even useful. The Tien, a book of an ancient poem, discusses Taoism’s fundamental beliefs and how to pursue Philosophy. Its lines reveal basic methods to living in peace with yourself and society. It urges people to let go of their pride, learn from everyone else, and focus on interconnectivity.

What Goes At A Taoist Funeral Service?

Taoist funerals sometimes include a special high place in which a holy light, two candles, tea, rice, and water are placed. The golden light represents the light of knowledge, but it might also be known as the Golden Pill or Elixir of Immortality.

A preacher reads religious words, whereas others play the drums, pictures, and musical sounds during the service. The priest then surrounds a fire on which nine tiles sit to treat the depths of the secret universe. He waves a knife to defend evil spirits and cuts the tiles to free the dead from the secret world. The official prays on a flower blossom-shaped bench in honor of Guan Yin, the Chinese goddess of kindness. This god is commonly seen resting on a flower petal.

The Prayer of the Funeral Visitor also eats joss papers known as “ghost money” to free the victim’s spirit from the dark world. Finally, they eat holy water paper shaped like houses, employees, clothing, and other dead goods at a particular time.

Taoist Singapore Funeral Service 

Planning funerals for dear ones is undoubtedly stressful and time-consuming. This is mainly when you’re already dealing with the loss and sadness of losing somebody. In this scenario, many individuals search for saviors who provide funeral services. Aside from alleviating the additional burden of organizing funerals, such services would comfort sorrow that perhaps the lost spirits would receive the last goodbye they deserved.

In a crowded city like Singapore, people usually have much less than almost a day to notify the family of death and handle all the events at funerals. But, if you prefer to use a ceremony, for this reason, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Given the significance of all this, we have studied and produced a list of the top 5 funeral solution providers. You may quickly review their offerings and other facts to choose which option better serves you from this listing. Following are the best Singapore funeral services.

1. The Singapore Funerals Service

Funerals and customize: Funeral arrangements can be adjusted to the family’s wishes. Singapore Funeral Service has approved multiple requests for unique vaults, specialized funeral rooms, and wakes and grave arrangements representing the victim’s character.¬†

Organizing a funeral may be difficult for families. The Singapore Funeral Service offers a program to assist the remaining relatives bearing the burden. If necessary, full-service funeral administration, funeral clothes, grief apparel, holy water paper, or incense can be given.

Pricing transparency Death bundle prices are listed on the firm’s site. There have been no secret or unexpected fees, and you can be confident that you’ll get excellent money’s worth.

 Post-burial administrations: The governments of Singapore Funeral Service or group do not end at the time of internment. Post-burial procedures like activated Prayers, Drum Tek, and Family Book are also available for families that want to continue the loss cycle according to their customs.

2. Memorial Garden Of Nirvana

 “Lady embalmers” who have received specialized training: Lady embalmers were taught to perform activities such as cleanliness, presenting, and maintenance of the departed body. This is a means of honoring the left, particularly ladies.

Family members can travel with adoration. These contributing factors would be a first in Asia. A group of restorers and stylists perform a “spa experience” on the lost, which even the grieving family can participate and watch to honor their lost loved one on a final visit to a beyond.

The cost for family funeral bundles is negotiated and confirmed with the buyer upfront. A list of covered services is supplied, closely recorded, and kept to.

 Very much kept up with columbarium and burial service offices: For the solace of the grieving family, Nirvana Memorial Garden offers completely prepared and cooled burial service offices. Their flawless columbarium is a fabulous option for your left adored one’s last resting place.

3. Casket Fair Price

Casket Fair price provides a variety of facilities to meet the burial demands of people of all religions. They guarantee that the gone spirit is honored respectfully while following everyone’s religious traditions and customs.

Funerals aren’t like other occasions where the timeframe may be predicted. Right? Casket Fair price recognizes this and, unlike so many, doesn’t cost you a thing for simple changes on your plan.

Casket Fair price had received Care Trust’s approval. This is an additional degree of security that ensures the professionalism of its services.

4. Singapore Casket

While Singapore Casket’s parlor routes are a little more expensive than others, they are a fantastic value for money. Furthermore, regardless of your specific requirements for aesthetic layout, they will consistently surprise you with just a perfect unique touch which their experienced and enthusiastic team provides.

Unlike other services that limit taking home services to a few countries, Singapore Casket offers reasonably priced global taking home services. With significant experience, they are aware of the laws and rules of every country and will handle all legal and traffic problems on your behalf.

Singapore Casket offers a unique webpage for online memories and honors to those lost souls who have managed funerals. That webpage will be kept as a loving memorial to your loved ones. You may also ask their helpful personnel to provide specific facts or photographs on the website.

What else could ease your pain at the loss of a loved one than a gorgeous diamond fashioned from the burnt bones of their dear ones? Singapore Casket, on the other hand, is well-known for its one-of-a-kind service of transforming the particles of your family members into shining diamonds that you may always keep close to your heart.

Taoist Beliefs Regarding Death

Taoism does not believe in life after death. Contrary to Buddhism and Hinduism, whose followers believe in the afterlife, and Jews, Muslims, and Christians, who believe in eternity, Taoists aren’t worried about what comes after death.

The Tao is regarded as life’s power. It bugs the rest of the universe. Taoists believe that we are most of the Tao during our lives and that our spirit rejoins with Tao after we die and must give our physical bodies – but we are not and have never been independent of the Tao. Taoists believe in heavenly infinity but do not believe in rebirth or heaven. Humans and any surviving living animals are multi-layered symbols of the power of life. While practicing confusion and concentration, In addition to keeping to a limited diet, one can transform into an alien soul individual. One also lives on within the memories and recollections of friends and family.

Throughout history, just a few Taoists have believed in the possibility of true eternal life. That means they have been less concerned about the afterlife since they did not want to die. All around then, they believed that they could achieve eternal status in this lifetime.

A few Taoists believed that all these gods lived on Earth in the “realms of a soul.” These realms were widely considered to be located on hills or island nations.

In any event, advanced Taoism is unconcerned with genuine eternality. Overall, it’s related to harmony, or vast energy that maintains the normal world in balance.

Ancestors and Reincarnation

Because of the central concept that no one truly dies but remains a part of the Tao, ancestor love is essential in Taoism. This is much more visible due to influences from many religions, such as Buddhism.

Human souls can revive as beasts and the other way around, but there’s no way to know who monitors those transformations, such as Karma. Overall, the rebirth cycle in Taoism is impossibly confusing and is dependent on how happy with the Tao you are in everyday life.

Period Of Mourning In Taoism

Taoist funeral, the mourning period lasts 49 days, during which donations, ceremonies, and prayers are conducted daily or continuously, depending on the family’s wealth. The group of the deceased might also engage and care for guests who come to express their sorrow. During this period, children and grandchildren are not allowed to have their hair styled.

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