Everything You Need To Know About Disability Employment Services In Australia

A significant part of Australia’s workforce is disabled people who are riddled with an injury, a physical disability or an illness. As a result, these people may find it challenging to find and find a job, making it harder to earn a stable paycheck in the country. Disability Employment Services provide initiative and support systems for such people, making them job-ready for reputed companies. Aside from that, DES also assist in the following:

  1. They help disabled workers manage their health issues and alleviate their problems, making it easier for them to find a job. 
  2. The services help identify the strengths and skills of the disabled and get a job tailored to what they can offer. 
  3. It also helps develop skills and other relevant experience required for the job so that disabled workers won’t find it challenging to integrate into a workspace. 
  4. These services don’t just stop when disabled workers are employed. They provide further assistance to the workers as and when needed. 

Disability Employment Services also work with companies and organisations and have connections with employers looking to hire disabled staff for their organisations. Companies benefit a lot, too, when they hire disabled workers: 

  1. Companies hire people with disabilities to help reduce the prejudices and misconceptions that surround disabled people in Australia. By opening up the doors of employment, companies are giving rise to new opportunities for such workers, hopefully overturning the corporate culture in Australia for the better. 
  2. Hiring disabled workers boosts the company’s image in the eyes of the general public and garners respect and admiration from potential clients and other employees. 
  3. Companies can enjoy a lot of tax incentives and monetary benefits that the Australian government grants to enterprises that hire disabled workers. Organisations that make their workplace more accessible for disabled workers can use those expenses as tax write-offs. 
  4. Disabled workers are more productive and able to handle work stress more efficiently than other workers. As they face challenges their whole life, disabled people embrace problems and are smart enough to find a solution seamlessly. Since they make up a significant part of the Australian workforce, they are invaluable to any company that hires them.

Who Are Eligible To Apply For The DES?

Workers must satisfy the following criteria if they want to be eligible for the DES in Australia: 

  1. They must have a diagnosed injury or a disability that a certified medical professional has checked out. Although some disabilities don’t require medical proof, certain illnesses that aren’t quite visible may need a doctor’s written letter stating that the person has a problem that renders them incapable of working specific jobs. 
  2. Must be eighteen years old at the time of application. Younger applicants can apply, provided they’re looking for training or schooling in their desired field. They must be of legal working age as specified in the state or territory they live in. 
  3. Must be able to work the recommended hours in a week but not more than what’s ideal for a worker without any disabilities. 
  4. Must have valid documents with their identity information, contact details and proof that they are Australian citizens. 
  5. They should not be studying full-time unless they are eligible school leavers. 
  6. They should also not be working above or at the level of the assessed employment capacity. 

Workers who satisfy all these criteria can apply for DES in Australia and get the required career advice and training, help with resumes and interview preps and other tips of support that will help them kick-start their new career.

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