Everything You Need To Know About Betting on Horse Racing

There’s something about watching horse racing that’s so majestic. Horse racing is a long-practiced tradition, and so is betting. Uncover all the basics of exciting horse betting here.

The big horse racing tournaments like the Breeders Cup are fast approaching. Therefore bettors are keeping a close eye on the latest breeders cup picks for placing best bets. Whether you’re a professional or novice at horse race betting, there’s something for everyone here. Let’s look at everything you need to know about betting on horse racing.


Introduction to Horse Race Betting

Horse race betting is as engaging as race. It has been practiced globally for ages and offers unlimited thrill. Various organizers and managers know how to transport horses abroad and bring the best ones for races.

Fortunately, race organizers and horse managers fulfill nutritional requirements and take the best care of horses. As a result, the horse enjoys participating in these competitions. The popular racing types are :

  • Flat racing
  • Jump racing
  • Steeple chasing
  • Endurance riding
  • Quarter horse racing
  • Harness racing

Plenty of bets allow betting on race tracks or individual horses. The availability of various bets makes it quite enjoyable and fascinating.

Popular Horse Betting Types

Before exploring the popular horse betting types, you must know how the odds work. Unlike other sports betting odds, the horse race betting odds are listed in fractions. For example,

10/11 means -110 or 2/1 will stand for +200.

Popular bet types are:

  • Win: It’s a simple bet where you choose your winner. If the horse wins, you win the bet.
  • Place: It’s a very interesting bet where you can bet on the horse who will come second in the race.
  • Show: It’s the best in which the horse you bet on must come in the first three positions.
  • Across the Board: In this bet, you can bet on all three bets Win, Place, and Show. You get money from all three bets if the horse wins the race. If it finishes at second or third, you get “Place” or “Show” bets money respectively.


Three Styles of Horse Race Betting

Here are popular styles of horse race betting:

  • Fixed Odd Betting: In this, you place the wager on particular odds set by oddsmakers.
  • Parimutuel betting: There are no odds in this betting. The payouts are calculated by how many people picked the winning horse.
  • Exchange betting: In this betting, you bet with other individuals rather than a bookmaker.


Bonus Tips

Horse racing offers plenty of betting types, styles, and excitement. Always shop odds, do your homework and try various types. Knowing the horse, current form, tracks, etc., can help you enjoy horse racing bet to every bit.

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