Ethereum Futures Trading – a detailed know-how

On 12th October 2020, Grayscale Investment, the digital asset management firm was authenticated by the SEC of the United States to become an official Securities and Exchange Commission reporting company. Thus, Grayscale Ethereum Trust or ETHE became the second approved cryptocurrency trust, and soon after that Ethereum Futures Trading successfully captured the global cryptocurrency exchange market.

Ethereum Futures Trading on the BTCC online platform

It is quite overwhelming to note that Ethereum Futures Trading can be seamlessly carried out on the grand online platform of BTCC. In other words, a user has to conduct the seven straightforward steps to profitably trade Ethereum futures online.

In the first step, a user has to open the web page of Ethereum Futures Trading of BTCC. This is simply through an instant click on Moreover, a user has to register a free account at BTCC in seconds and make his or her initial deposits. He or she can initiate trading with a minimal deposit of 2 USDT. However, if the deposit amount exceeds 500 USDT, then he or she is eligible to gain a bonus of up to 2000 USDT.

In the second step of Ethereum Futures Trading, a user has to select the type of ETH futures contract that he or she desires to buy. This is a choice of daily, weekly, or even a perpetual contract.  In the next stage, a user has to choose the order types. The Ethereum Futures Trading order types at BTCC include market order, limit order and stop loss order.

In the fourth step, an elite user has to choose the leverage level which can be perfectly adjusted as per his or her needs. The leverage levels of Ethereum Futures Trading for the weekly contract vary from as low as 10X to as high as 100X leverage.

In the fifth step, lot size selection is very vital. Even here a user can select the lot size of Ethereum Futures Trading as per his or her requisites. However, the lot size varies from one to three thousand lots. Nonetheless, a user can procure the contract values from real-time data as well as an insurance fund for his or her reference from the online platform of BTCC.

In the sixth step of Ethereum Futures Trading online, a user has to set the crucial targets of take-profit and stop-loss.  In other words, he or she can make use of the market order, limit order, and stop order to set these price targets. The difference is in their execution. The market order is executed quickly at the best current rate, whilst limit and stop orders can only be executed at the best prices during the day and during the week, respectively.

The seventh step of online Ethereum Futures Trading at BTCC is an unbeatable selection of the price. Nevertheless, after setup of the basic data information, a user can select to buy i.e. open long or sell i.e. sell short, after entering his or her wished price.

Lastly, by clicking the buy or sell button, the Ethereum Futures Trading is safely completed. 

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