Electric bikes – The future of a sustainable world

Modernization has simplified our lives in many ways. However, with every pro, there comes a con. Rapid urbanization has promoted environmental pollution. With each passing year, noise, air, and water pollution is registering a growth. Air pollution has become a major concern for almost every country in the world. In Canada, the government is also trying to keep a check on air pollution. But the government cannot do this alone. The support of citizens is crucial to keep pollution levels down. One of the major contributors to air pollution is traffic. As per a study, each year 21,000 premature deaths happen in Canada due to poor air quality. These deaths can be linked to traffic-related air pollution. Nearly 32% of the Canadian population lives in areas where they are exposed to traffic-related air pollution. Opting for public transportation seemed like a good solution to reduce motor vehicle-related pollution, but after the pandemic many people avoid public transportation. The high cost of electric cars keeps them far from the reach of the common man. But there is a solution to this problem, which is cost-effective, easy, and environmentally friendly. Electric bikes or ebikes can be a game changer in the fight against pollution and in creating a sustainable world. Ebikes in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto are slowly becoming a popular means of transportation. Online search for electric bikes in Canada has increased these days. Search words like Electric bike, Electric bike quantum, and ebikes Canada can be found in the search history of ebike enthusiasts. More ebikes in Canada can really help in creating a better environment for us and our future generation. 

Here are some points that make ebikes the perfect solution for creating a sustainable world:

1.Reduce carbon footprint:  24% of the world’s direct fuel-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions come from transportation. Emission from petrol and diesel run engines can drastically degrade air quality. But with ebikes you can avoid the use of fossil fuels that emit toxic gases into the environment. Ebikes run on clean energy, reducing the carbon footprint on the planet.

2. Cut down noise pollution: Traditional cars produce a lot of sound from its engine. Noise pollution has a profound impact on the environment and people. Exposure to road traffic can lead to hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. A study in Toronto confirmed that every 10‐dBA increase of long‐term exposure to road traffic noise, resulted in an 8% increase of diabetes mellitus. Ebikes are an easy solution to cut down noise pollution as their electric motor sound is negligible compared to a car. 

3. Recharging with sustainable energy: If you want to utilize sustainable energy sources, then buying an ebike should definitely be on your list. Ebikes require very little amount of energy to recharge, which means you can easily recharge your ebike with renewable sources of power like wind or solar. These sources of energy sources do not produce toxic gases like carbon monoxide.

4. Reduce the greenhouse effect: Buy an ebike to reduce the greenhouse effect. Conventional vehicles that operate on fossil fuels like petrol and diesel produce carbon dioxide, which increases the greenhouse effect that ultimately adds up to global warming. But ebikes run on clean energy and do not produce harmful gases. 

5. Easy to recycle: Ebikes are easy to recycle. The lithium-ion batteries used to power ebikes can be recycled, reducing the carbon footprint on the planet. Recycling is a great way to reduce pollution and preserve the environment.

6. Less damage to roads: Creating a road involves a lot of processes that generate pollution. Conventional vehicles are very heavy and cause wear and tear to the roads. The maintenance work of roads is not only expensive but also affects the environment. Compared with cars and motorbikes, ebikes are very light and hardly cause any damage to the road infrastructure. More ebikes on the road means less damage and a cleaner environment. 


Ebikes have the potential to save the environment from pollution. Buying an ebike in urban cities like Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Quebec can reduce pollution and lead to a sustainable environment in Canada. ‘Electric bike Canada’ can be a good environmental movement through which people can learn the benefits of ebikes in the country.

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