Effective clay masks to remove tan instantly

Stepping out in the sun’s scorching heat may not be a preferred choice for most; however, the least one can do is try to protect the skin. given there is no option! 

One could perhaps use a sunscreen face cream for women to protect your face or apply an SPF-rich body lotion to get the much-needed care and protection. However, tanning of your skin may still prevail.

How do you get rid of the tanning in the most effective way? By using a clay mask! Let us show you how!

What are clay masks? 

We all know Cleopatra was well known for using mud as a facemask to cleanse just like how we make use of clay masks to cleanse our skin – all this only for skin care. They are like glowing face creams but milder and more organic. However, we all have different skin types, so our concerns are also different. Clay masks are a popular beauty product that tackles them. They leave your skin clearer, brighter, and more youthful. Using cream glowing skin can also be helpful.

Let’s look at some effective clay masks to instantly remove the tan. 

1. Kaolin Clay

It is also known as china clay and is gentle on the Skin and  is recommended for people with sensitive Skin to add some exfoliation. Kaolin clay also helps remove tanning, absorbs extra oil  and protects the skin against sun damage It acts as a natural exfoliator and events out skin tone.

2. Bentonite Clay 

This Clay expands when it is mixed with water and is very absorbent. Typically, it is used to tighten your Skin. The Clay comes in various colors: yellow, red, brown, white, and black. This clay acts like a sponge on the skin, thus absorbing dirt and oil that can cause clogged pores and acne.

3. French Clay 

 French Clay or Illite Clay is well-known for exfoliation, blood circulation stimulation, and absorbing skin impurities such as dirt from pores. They also are known to reduce inflammation, enable the body to repair its tissues and cells and flush out toxins from that body that can cause several digestive issues and headaches

4. Fuller’s earth or Multani Mitti

The best face cream for women with this component is Multani Mitti, a very popular clay and one of the most powerful clays. It relieves sunburn and cools your skin. It also helps remove tanning. Lotus Herbals Radiance Boost Ubtan Face Mask comprises of ingredients like Turmeric, Sandalwood, and Rose Water that exfoliate hydrate that are known to bring a radiance to the face by removing tan thus bringing a fresh greasy-free skin,

5. Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay has amazing oil-absorbing properties and helps remove blackheads. Pair this with a cucumber face toner or a green tea toner as toners act as one of the best mask primers. Using a toner before applying the face mask can help comfort irritated skin, minimize presence of excess impurities and oil. Use of primer with a clay mask can prevent premature aging and acts as an aid to de-tan.

Clay masks have one of the easiest application processes. Use your fingers to take the desired amount on your palm and evenly apply it all over. 

How to apply a clay mask?

Clay masks have one of the easiest application processes. Use your fingers to take the desired amount on your palm and evenly apply it over your face. You only need to ensure even application all over your face and the right amount of product quantity. Wait for 10-15mins before rinsing it out with water. Get instant brightness after the first usage itself. You may want to apply a clay mask typically twice a week to ensure the best results from the product and consistent long-term results. 

Now let’s look at some benefits of using a clay mask. 

1. Improves Skin complexion as they cleanse the skin and opens up the  pore. They are known for preventing blackheads and acne as they penetrate deep into the skin, and purifies congested skin from any bacteria that can clog the pores and causes acne and blemishes, thus revealing a softer, smoother skin with glowing complexion. 

2. Treats other skin concerns as they help balance the pH balance of the skin. This helps fight dry skin issues, and at times help combat eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis.

Clay masks can help remove your tan, not instantly, but definitely. However, trying a patch test is recommended before applying the mask entirely. This has nothing to do with using herbal or chemical led; for sensitive skin, even herbal products at a time may create some allergy! So go ahead and get yourself a clay mask today!

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