Ebike – The Electric Scooter

While not technically an e-bike per se, electric scooters have seen a dramatic rise in popularity in recent years. They are a great way to get around town if you are not in a hurry, although with speeds reaching up to 15 or even 20 miles per hour in some, it can be useful even if you are in a hurry, too! Best electric bikes denver are safe, with no explosive, flammable fuels to fill them with, and no hot parts to burn yourself on. They are quiet, self-contained, and easy to operate and maintain.

Electric scooters are great for running errands or going grocery shopping, or for younger riders, they make for an excellent way to get the kids off the computer and outside. When used with proper protection, i.e. a helmet and maybe kneepads depending on how coordinated the rider may be, they are also quite safe; just as safe as any normal scooter, bike, or ebike.

You do not need any sort of a special license to ride or operate an electric scooter, just hop on and go. They also do not cost much to fuel, as, unlike gas-powered motor vehicles, you do not need to pay a ridiculously high price for a gallon or two of liquid, messy, and flammable fuel. Instead, just plug the scooter into any wall electrical socket in your home, and in five to eight hours you are ready to ride again.

These electric scooters typically get around forty-five minutes to an hour on a charge, and while that may not seem like a whole lot of driving time, remember that if you are using one to get groceries or run errands you will likely not be going very far at a time, and you can break up your riding time over the day. They are so safe you can even send your kids over to a friend’s house without having to drive them yourself, provided their destination is within ordinary biking distance. You probably would not want to be on main roads with one of these, but if you stick to the neighborhood streets, you will likely be fine.

Just as with ebikes, there are many models of electric scooters available on the market. Some are designed specifically for kids like the small scale fully working Vespa style models, some are for sports use like the flat board razor scooters, and some are great for running errands, like the motorized tricycles with a large basket in the back- perfect for hauling lots of heavy groceries without risking a balance problem. There are even novelty models on the market, for example, a ‘rolling cooler’ that gets up to fifteen miles an hour and can carry up to two hundred twenty pounds of combined beer and human cargo. These scooters are a great way to get around town for fun or work and come in models appropriate for all ages and purposes.

Ebike Helmets

When riding your best bike for arthritic knees, whether it be on a high-speed commute to the office and back or just cruising around the neighborhood, it is very important to have a quality helmet. Perhaps even more than normal non-powered bikes, ebikes were designed to get going and keep going, so if you wipe out there is likely to be a bit more force behind it. If you are riding along at high speeds it is especially important, and in today’s busy traffic, don’t even think of riding your ebike out on the street without proper head protection. It is just asking for head trauma and a high-speed trip to the emergency room.

All that said, ebikes are not really any more dangerous to ride than normal bikes, but it is difficult to stress enough the importance of wearing a good quality helmet on ANY bicycle, powered or not. You can get away with driving your car at 65 miles per hour without a helmet on because when you are in your car you are encased in several tons of highly shock-resistant metal and plastic, all specifically designed to protect your body in the event of a crash. When you are on a bike, you do not have that protection, so as uncomfortable and dorky as it may seem, you have got to wear a helmet. Many states even have laws regarding the use of bike helmets on busy streets, and very often minors under the age of 16 are required to wear head protection at all times. After than, the government considers you smart enough to be able to make the right choice on your own.

Bike helmets do not have to be a hassle though. Most companies have been working steadily since their inception to come up with ever more effective and comfortable head safety gear. Today’s bike helmets come in an almost bewildering array of styles, shapes, attachment methods, and fancy terminology, but the bottom line is that any protection is better than none. So take your time, read through all the information on the boxes, look at reviews online and choose the helmet that is right for you, but does choose one. If you are overwhelmed by the options, very often typing in the name of a bike helmet and the word review into any search engine will get you all the information you need to make a sound decision on whether that is the right bike helmet for you.

You should replace your bike helmet any time you get into an accident where the helmet takes an impact or after every five years or so. Bicycle helmets are designed so the support material inside them takes an impact and cracks instead of your skull, but this only works once. The next time all that force, having nothing to break itself on before reaching our head, will go straight through. It is also a good idea to replace your helmet from time to time as the padding and shock absorption foam in them does degrade over time, making them less effective.

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