Protect Your Furniture When Moving

Easy Tips to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

So you’ve found a great new place to live! Congratulations! Finding a good house or an apartment in today’s market is no easy feat, and if you manage to snatch something you like, kudos to you. Now onto the less fun part – the move itself. Packing everything is a hassle, but making sure it all arrives safely at your new place is downright exhausting. Fortunately, even if it’s hard and exhausting, it’s far from impossible. All you have to do is organize your time and start early, and your furniture will safely arrive at its new home.

Make detailed lists

Before you start, you have to understand what you’re dealing with. Will you be moving all of your furniture? Is there anything that you want to leave behind? List all of the furniture pieces in your home, and we mean every single one: coffee tables, beds, cupboards, nightstands, chairs… Once everything is listed, decide what you’ll take with you when you move and which pieces are to be left behind. The pieces you decide to leave, you can always donate, gift to someone else, or sell in order to get more money and buy new ones. The list will also help you make sure all of the pieces you kept have safely arrived at your new home in the end.

Get blankets and bubble wrap

When moving precious pieces of furniture, blankets are your best friend. Of course, you can use your regular blankets for this, or you can invest some money into special thick furniture blankets. These are designed for people with valuable antique furniture pieces that require extra protection during relocations. They are usually blue, and you might have spotted them being used by professional movers too. You can always try purchasing these special furniture blankets from your local moving company or perhaps even directly from the movers you’re planning on hiring. Of course, if you use your regular household blankets, try to mentally prepare that they might get damaged or outright ruined during the move.

Hire professionals

If you have a lot of furniture or you have certain valuable pieces you don’t want to risk getting lost or damaged, the best course of action is to rely on professionals. You can easily do a bit of research and hire professional removalists in Sydney to take care of your furniture for you. Doing this means that you’ll be relying on experienced professionals who know what they are doing and who will take good care of your things. This is also a good idea if you or anyone in your support network have health and back problems and you can’t risk an injury. Let’s face it – moving heavy pieces from one place to another is a sure way to get a ruptured disk or pull a muscle.

Wrap the pieces correctly

Two packaging materials that are by far the most popular (and arguably, the best wrapping materials out there) are plastic sheeting and bubble wrap. These two will help you wrap and protect your beloved furniture pieces, and what is more, they are easy to use. Not only that, but they can also be bought in bulk and stored away easily when you are not using them. When you’re looking to protect upholstered items such as armchairs and sofas, reach for plastic wraps or try getting your hands on special plastic sofa covers. Bubble wrap, on the other hand, is the best for protecting delicate pieces that are made of wood. For an extra layer of security, place a few corrugated cardboard sheets between wooden pieces. These are great cushioning materials and protect delicate pieces from rubbing against each other and getting damaged in the moving process.

The process of moving your possessions from one place to another is always stressful for many reasons. Not only are you uprooting your entire life (and your pets, plants, and family, too), but you have an organizational nightmare on your hands too. Of course, nobody expects you to do everything alone. Moving is stressful, and you’re supposed to reach out to friends, family, and professionals and ask for help. If you want your possessions to be in good hands, research different companies in advance before you make the final decision.

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