Easy and Effective Exercise Routine

Easy and Effective Exercise Routine

After this covid-19 pandemic, we have become lazier than ever. Staying at home not meeting people no hangouts, we stopped looking after ourselves. Even gyms were closed, we had no motivation to work out or exercise and now we have become couch potatoes. Just laying down all the time watching Netflix and eating extra.

We have gathered the 3 best fitness exercises of a few minutes to keep your body toned and smart as before or better. If you know Tiana Trudeau and Tiana Destinee, this routine will let you have that sexy body in no time with strong enthusiasm but do not forget to warm up your body before you start exercising.


Beginner level

This one is for those people who have never exercised before or for so long. When you stopped working out your body as well stopped getting used to all the hard work. If you follow these few steps on daily basis you will get back the track easily.


  • Squats- 20 reps.
  • Push-ups – 10 reps.
  • Walking lunges – 10 reps per leg.
  • Rows- 10 reps. If you do not have dumbells at home you can use a gallon or anything with heavy as well. Do not bear overweight stuff, bear as much as you can handle in the beginning.
  • A plank- 15 seconds at least.
  • Jumping jacks – 30 reps.


This exercise will hardly take 5 minutes. We recommend you to not take any water in between so you can finish this exercise way faster without a bloated belly. If you get used to this exercise you can increase the number of reps as well.

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This is for the people who have passed the beginner level and now are ready to increase the number of exercises and face new challenges. This level will have more exercises like:

  • One leg Squats- 10 reps on each side. (only try this one if the thing you can afford it, or maybe for start taking any support to stand straight and squat down)
  • bodyweight squats – 20 reps.
  • walking lunges – 10 rep/each leg.
  • Lying leg raise- 10 reps/each leg.
  • Pull up 10 reps.
  • Chair dips – 10 reps.
  • Chinups- 10 reps. (you can use bodyweights as well)
  • Pushups – 10 reps
  • At last, plank – 30 seconds.


Advanced level

This one will hurt you so bad, trust me you could cry but if you are willing to look like Tiana Trudeau and Tiana Destinee you will do it. The pain you will feel will be sweet in gym terminology, it means you get used to this exercise so much that you will the pain.


  • Bridge with leg extended – 10 to 20 reps.
  • Overhead squat – 10 to 20 reps. (as said above you use anything from home like a gallon)
  • One-legged pushup – 10 to 20 reps/each leg.
  • Jumping lunges – 10 to 20 reps.
  • Elevated pike pushups – 10 to 20 reps.
  • Get-up squat with jump – 10 to 20 reps.
  • Advanced Bird Dog – 10 to 20 reps.
  • One-leg or one-arm plank – 30 sec to 1 min.
  • Side plank with hip abduction – 30 sec to 1 min.
  • Hollow hold to jackknife – 10 to 20 reps.
  • Plank- 1 min.


If you are following any level of this exercise, you are doing great and you will move further do not lose hope this will take time but result for sure. We are proud of you!.

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