Dropped Your Phone in Water? This is How You Can Rescue It!

Did you know one study estimates that around 14000 people in the US alone experience water damage each day? And when it’s summer, double the number of cases!

These numbers tell you how common these water damage cases are.

The thing is; no matter how smart your phone is, it can’t swim. And it is an arduous task to keep your phone safe if you are out on the pool or beach.

But suppose you accidentally dunk your phone in water. You are now left at sixes and sevens – in total disarray. Like most people, you are in a dilemma about what to do next.

The fate of your smartphone now rests on your next decision.

The chance of saving your phone is like a flip of a coin – you cannot be sure of a positive outcome, but it shouldn’t deter you from taking your chances.

Let’s learn how to rescue your smartphone from the clutches of death and make sure that it continues to live on with you.

First and Foremost – Be Vigilant

Duh! Needless to say, you should put in extra effort to be proactive and attentive in tending to your tech partner. And why shouldn’t you? It’s the extension of your intelligence in today’s digital age.

Practically speaking, if you cannot afford the luxury of owning a waterproof smartphone, then you can always get a waterproof phone pouch. Planning a beach retreat? Get your hands on this accessory first.

A waterproof phone pouch keeps your handset protected by sealing out all the water in a system similar to a Ziplock bag. Not the prettiest, though, but it gets the work done.

But imagine you didn’t take our advice of a waterproof pouch and dropped your phone in the water. Now what?

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Turn it Off – In a Flash

If there is anything that you should do ASAP, that would be to turn off your smartphone immediately. Any professional repair shop with cell phone repair shop software would advise, the sooner you switch off your device, the higher its chances of survival are. Don’t try to press any buttons or load any apps. Just turn it off. If it has a removable battery, instantly detach it. This is your effort to avoid the short circuit.

What happens is, when water makes its way inside the phone, it flows into the circuits. Since water is a conductor, it overheats the phone with energy – frying the circuit board.

At the same time, it is not advisable to let your phone dry on its own. This makes it worse. Water is rich in minerals that will corrode the internal circuits and resistors.

In many cases, water takes time to reach the sensitive parts of your smartphone. So you might not notice any adverse effect right away, but the following day, your phone won’t power up – it’s too late now!

Make haste to dry your phone with a clean towel. Careful not to push the water in the charging ports or headphone jack. Gently blow the air from your mouth to blow out the water on the edges.

Submerge in the Bag of Rice Trick – May or May Not Work

Some call it an urban myth, while others say it works like a charm. The theory goes that uncooked rice absorbs the moisture from hard-to-reach places on your phone, eventually absorbing all the water from the phone.

Here is what we opine; rice is an excellent absorbent. Agreed, but it is not as effective as they say it absorbs the moisture. Truth is, it is incapable of soaking up all the water and renders a temporary fix.

Furthermore, even if it cut the mustard previously, it doesn’t now.


Latest smartphones do not have removable batteries and backs. Also, they have fewer cracks and crevices in their design.

Where are we going with this? This means there is less cushion for rice to absorb the moisture from within the device – making this trick toothless with modern handsets.

Even if it does work, the rice gets mushy and sticky as it absorbs some water, and then you could wind up with gummy bits of rice stuck in your phone’s seams and ports or dust deep in your device’s crevices. If you want to go this path, wrap your phone into tissue paper and submerge it in the bag of rice. Still, this is not the best option.

What Not to Do If You Dropped Your Phone in Water

Your precautions can make the difference between a totaled phone and a successful recovery. It is essential to avoid all the following actions once your phone has taken a plunge:

·       It needs more emphasis, DO NOT SWITCH ON YOUR CELL PHONE

·       Do not plug the charging cable to turn it on

·       Desist from pressing any buttons. This pushes the water deeper into the phone

·       For the same reason, do not blow into the phone with any machine – hair dryer, for instance.

·       Devices like driers apply excessive heat to the device, which is harmful to the system.

·       Lastly, do not shake or move the phone too much. Again, it will push the water deeper inside.

The Crunch

Finally comes the moment of truth. You gave your best shot and followed all the precautions to save your smartphone.

Earlier, you had turned it off, dried it, and kept it off for a considerable time, and now after a day or two, you are about to boot up your device.

You press the power button. If it works, congratulations, you saved yourself a trip to a typical repair shop which, and efforts have paid off. If it doesn’t, take your phone to a professional to see if it can be recovered. Any authorized center with a standard cellphone repair shop software will do the job.

In all probability, if you will follow all the above suggestions, you can expertly handle the untimely spill.

Best of luck.

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