Don't Believe in These Myths about the VPNs

Don’t Believe in These Myths about the VPNs

Virtual Private Networks are also inferred as VPNs. VPNs are in the limelight these days; however, there is certain vagueness related to the subject at hand. The article aims at stating the ubiquitous misinterpretations about VPNs followed by factual information. 

Myth # 1.

VPN is Only Required When You Do Something Illegal! 

Factual Information

VPNs guarantee anonymity, and anonymity is needed when a person is utilizing a public internet service because thousands of people are using the same WiFi at the same point in time. Under these circumstances, privacy is recommended and highly appreciated. 

However, thousands of people use VPNs to gain access to copyrighted material and ban unethical content, but as a sword, VPNs can be used to protect your identity. 

Myth # 2.  

VPNs Assure 100% Secrecy! 

Factual Information

VPNs are widely used in seven continents for maintaining confidentiality, but VPNs can not provide 100% anonymity. For instance, if you are shopping for a perfume online from a reputable mart, the mart will demand your details, and you have no other option than to be truthful and credible at that time. 

Similarly, if you are facing any issue and you want to contact customer care service, the company will ask for details to help you out in a better way. In special cases, one has to reveal his identity. VPNs, however, intends to keep you as unrecognized as possible. 

Myth # 3.

I Can Search Anything If I Have A Stable VPN Connection! 

Factual Information 

Having VPN installed and functional in your smartphone does not qualify you to browse anything fearlessly. Free VPN provide you with security, but it also demands careful browsing. 

For instance, a free VPN would not protect you if you become friends with the hacker and, in emotions, give him all the details. If you trust scammers blindly, how do you expect a device to help you out? 

Myth # 4. 

All VPNs Are One And The Same Thing! 

Factual Information

The misinterpretation that all VPNs offer you the same services is erroneous. The major objective of the free VPN is to provide privacy to the users, which is true for most VPNs, but the extent of privacy varies. 

VPNs provide distinctive services. For instance, some VPNs have the option of whitelisting, and others lack this option. Recent VPNs do offer an ad-blocking option that VPNs did not offer years ago. If you are interested in availing yourself of the best VPN services, many are in the market. For example,

Myth # 5 

VPNs Affect the Quality of Internet Connection!

Factual Information

The misconception that VPNs lessen WiFi speed is not 100% undeniable. VPNs affect internet speed if the servers you are connected to are far away. 

To enjoy the best quality of VPN and high-speed internet, one can connect to nearby servers. The lesser the distance between the device and server, the better the connection. 


No man can deny the existence of misconceptions completely, but not all the myths are 100% worth your time. Asking questions and showing concerns about VPN is appreciated. Seek advice, give it a try, and then conclude what reality is and a myth. For more information and free guidance, feel free to contact us anytime!

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