Doctor appointment booking app

Doctor appointment booking app

For the better and effective use of technology, online doctors perform their services for the progress of humanity. By using the policy of online appointment patients can communicate with doctors through the Doctor Appointment booking app, diagnose and have prescriptions with required medicine. There are some other methods to avail medical aids through online doctors.

By using video calls, submitting an online request and phone consultations help to get appointments. By using an online doctor appointment booking app, anyone can easily get an appointment and can communicate through symptoms; medical questions can be asked directly to doctors.

  1. 10to8:

10to8 facilitates patients through customized booking so that patients can schedule their appointment, pay for services and get access to already scheduled bookings. This software integrates with Outlook, Gmail, iCal, and others to automatically synchronize the schedule by using the calendar.

As a reminder 10to8 will send you an email to the patients. According to the circumstances, patients can maintain various calendars and also can reserve the data of other patients. There are some booking buttons and forms that can be embedded into the websites and apps after getting access to chat features that can directly communicate. It supports multi-languages so that users can customize their dashboard according to their budget.

10to8 also offers a free version of the app that not only scheduled appointments but also sends email and SMS reminders for patients, online payment, calendar sync, and also integration with almost 1500 other applications.  It allows staff logins and is scheduled with 100 appointments monthly. 10to8 has a paid version for upgrading the practices because the free version has no customizable branding so if the user wants to practice two or more than two staff logins they have to pay for it.

Key features:

  • Patient portal
  • Patient portal
  • Billing and invoice
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Live chat
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Invoices
  • Live chat
  • Mobile access
  • Video conferencing
  • Recurring appointments
  1. Picktime:

This is a cloud-based doctor appointment app that makes the patient able to medical practices to trim different processes of staff management, clients, meetings, reservations, and many more. This platform shares appointment links with patients and sends email as a reminder.

Picktime mingles with various other third parties like Facebook. WordPress, strip, MailChimp, Weebly, and many more. This app assigns the task to other staff members and arranges permissions. Management can take prints and download invoices with detailed information on special offers, discounts, and product offers. Picktime also helps to gain business visibility into revenue on a dashboard.  Picktime also helps to unlock many important features in its free versions.

Key features:

  • appointment reminders  and scheduling
  • Automated scheduling
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Management of clients
  • Employee management
  • Group scheduling
  • Online booking and payments
  • Patient scheduling
  • Physician management
  • Recurring appointments

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