Zorb Balls

Different Types Of Zorb Balls: Guide For Beginners To Know

Are you much confusing with the term zorb balls? You are not the only person who is curious about which zorb ball to select, so don’t worry about it.

Zorb balls are available in different types and are designed to be used for various surfaces. Each type has its pros and cons to help you see which can be a worthwhile investment. Right through this guide, we will explain different types of zorb balls and for what purpose you can use them.

List of different types of zorb balls and their main purpose

  1. Land

For land usage, special zorb balls are available. Many people refer to this activity as “land zorbing.” The Zorb ball is available in this variation on a surface that is either level, inclined, or downhill.

It might be something like a playground. You can find it like a grassy slope heading downward or a huge field where the ball can freely move.

One person or two individuals can ride the land zorb ball at the same time. And this is all due to the ball’s size. Most of the time, a landing is made more comfortable by utilising an air track mat.

People participate in the sport of zorbing on this mat, which is similar to a plush cushion and can be inflated. Therefore, you can travel wherever you like without encountering any obstacles.

  • Water

Too many science fictions, action movies, and other forms of media have led us to believe that we can walk on water. And this fantasy can be possible if you experience water zorbing. When using this particular variety of zorb ball, the participant walks on water rather than land.

Therefore, a person will climb inside a hamster ball or a Zorb ball, and then be placed on the water’s surface. However, there is not much water like there would be in a swimming pool or lake.

Because of the bouncing effect, if a person were to stand on a lake, they would have to dip their feet into the water to maintain their equilibrium. In a nutshell, it gets challenging while simultaneously becoming more enjoyable.

  • Snow

Snow zorbing can only be available on terrain that has coverage with snow, as the name suggests. This particular style of zorbing is especially popular in hill stations that receive a significant amount of snow. Aside from that, it is a little bit challenging to manoeuvre around because there isn’t a lot of friction between the ball and the snow.

However, there are frequent spots in urban areas where you may go zorbing in an artificial snow environment. Before going snow zorbing, one of the essential things you need to think about is how to keep yourself safe.

Therefore, it does not occur nearly as frequently as any other zorbing type. Be sure you have someone to assist you if you decide to go through with this form of zorbing.

  • Aqua

It’s like water zorbing, but not quite. However, one of the most significant distinctions is that when you go water zorbing, the depth of the water is not a fixed factor.

Aqua zorbing, on the other hand, involves pouring water over the ground to make the zorb ball slide more readily over the water’s surface.

Therefore, a person is contained within a zorb ball while they run downhill on a surface that is either wet or moist. Zorbing has become more challenging and more enjoyable due to this development.

When purchasing zorb balls of this type from Kameymall, you should make it a point to inspect the interior of the zorb ball for any safety harnesses.

  • Bubble zorb ball

The majority of things to do out in the field are enjoyable. However, adding a bubble zorb ball to the playing area makes the game much more exciting. These do not have a precisely circular shape. Instead, only the lower half of the individual’s body is available within the ball.

It is frequently employed to battle other teams without risking injury to one’s members. People can use their free legs to move in any direction they choose while within the ball because it is wrapping up quite snugly around them.

Therefore, you won’t feel much of anything if you run into someone when you’re inside a bubble zorb ball.

This is helpful information to have when playing American football and attempting to tackle other players without getting damaged. Therefore, you need to get this one because it is risk-free.


Kameymall is the place to purchase a zorb ball of great quality. This platform offers the greatest zorb balls at rates within your price range.

When it comes to zorbing, safety is an essential consideration. Therefore, to prevent the person inside from getting injured, a zorb ball is accessible with many harnesses.

Additionally, zorb balls are tested multiple times to ensure they will not burst while someone is inside them.

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