Different SEO Types For Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps to increase website traffic via ranking top on SERPs for search phrases or relevant keywords within your niche. Different SEO types work distinctively. Get to know them better, so you can include them in your organic search tactic for high ranking or stay ahead of the competition in Queensland. 

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Different SEO types for digital marketing

On-page SEO

Every activity focused on making your site rank high on a search engine in Queensland is involved in on-page optimization. It includes publishing high-quality and helpful content to your target audience, adding Meta tags for the search engine crawlers to understand what the web page is about, using HTML for emphasizing the headings, and more. The process makes sure that there is no duplicate page/content or broken links. Choose images of the proper size; add descriptive file names and alt tags. 

Off-page SEO

It works towards external ranking factors including social media marketing, building backlinks, online forum interactions, and more.

Technical SEO

It is aimed at helping the search engine bots to crawl, decipher, and index every page successfully for future use. Make your site mobile-friendly, create an XML sitemap, add structured data, and categorize pages, etc for your Queensland customers.

White-hat SEO

It refers to optimization techniques that follow the search engine guidelines. White-hat SEO practice is sustainable and helps to create genuine goodwill for your Queensland business, but needs the patience to see the results. If done correctly, white-hat practice is a high reward. 

Black-hat SEO

It is the opposite of white-hat techniques. It manipulates search algorithms’ weaknesses or loopholes to rank high on SERP. It means the search engine guidelines are not adhered to. The practice involves paid link building, keyword stuffing, cloaking, and more. Nevertheless, this technique gives a short-term boost but the possibility of your site getting blacklisted is high…better to stay away from this SEO type. 

Grey-hat SEO

Due to the pressure of rapid results from clients some SEO agencies use grey-hat SEO techniques. It falls between white & black-SEO tactics. Search engine guidelines don’t mention that such methods are banned, but are scowled upon and can trigger unwanted search consequences. It is good to stay away from such an underhanded SEO strategy.

Negative SEO

The most unethical and detestable type is negative SEO. It is conducted with a bad intent to make the search ranking of your competitors suffer, so you can benefit. It includes hacking, posting negative comments on them, building suspicious low-quality links, and more. Negative SEO can trigger legal ordeals if caught!

Local SEO

Many local businesses in Queensland have their website and desire customers to visit their stores or restaurant or clinic. Today, everyone performs a Google search to find information like where to shop or which restaurant is good. You need to be visible online so that local customers can find you. Local SEO makes sure that your content is search engine friendly and it includes your business name, location, and contact number accurately. 

There is Content SEO, Mobile SEO, International SEO, and eCommerce SEO to consider.  

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