Difference between Lumigan and Careprost

The long lashes lifts up eyes aesthetics instantly

The long lashes lifts up the eyes aesthetics instantly. When you see women who have long, luscious lashes, it surely makes you wonder why you are not lucky. Only a few of the women are blessed with long lashes and many others have to resort to artificial means like using falsies, mascara coats or extensions.  The lashes enhance the features and make eyes look so gorgeous.  

Now it is possible to get those attractive bomb lashes naturally

Women today are actually ready to go everything but refuse to live up with short and thin lashes. You would surely be extremely glad to know that now it is possible to get those attractive bomb lashes naturally. In case you might be leading the life thinking that nothing can be done about the length and thickness of your eyelashes then it is not like that. You can actually do a lot with your eyelashes. There are natural eyelash enhancer Buy Careprost available in the market that upgrades thickness, length and lets you flaunt your attractive lashes.

These over the counter formulations add to health of eyelash hair

These over the counter formulations add to the health of eyelash hair. It makes them resistive to the breakages, fall and thus eyelashes look so much fuller and thicker. Currently, the eye drops Careprost and Lumigan Eye Drops are considered to be extremely effective for growing falling lashes back. They work through the stimulation of hair follicles so that they can enter into the anagen phase of your hair growth cycle. The eye formulations only take a few weeks for growing lashes and making them longer and fuller permanently without the need of putting makeup. These eye drops can be applied to the affected part of your eye lashes as per the direction of your doctor. You can expect positive outcome just within two to three days of the application of product.

Lumigan is being sold only as remedy for gaining healthy eyelashes

The eye drops Careprost & Lumigan are actually the sterile solution that contains 0.03 % of Bimat.  The Lumigan is the brand name of Latisse and has been used since it was approved by FDA in 2001.  However Lumigan is being sold only as a remedy for gaining healthy eyelashes but Careprost is meant primarily for treatment of Glaucoma and growth of eyes lashes. The main fact is that the manufacturer of the Lumigan just received the patent for putting forward only the cosmetic usage of this particular drug. They could get the patent for the solitary corrective usage of 0.03% of Bimatoprost under brand name Latisse. This is the reason why it is just being sold as the lash enhancer remedy.

Careprost is manufactured by Sun Pharma and Lumigan by Allergen

The Lumigan leads to the increase in thickness, growth and length of eyelashes. You can purchase Careprost and Lumigan eye drops from the online pharmaceutical stores. The dosage of eye drop serum has to be taken as per the instructions in the packaging label Don’t alter the dosage or the frequency of the eye drops without taking prior advice of the doctor. Also, before using, check the product for determining any signs of changes in colour or alternation.

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