Diamonds – The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Looking for the perfect diamond ring for your partner? Read this ultimate guide to buying the right ring for a special occasion.

The engagement ring symbolizes love and affection between partners, so choosing them wisely is critical. Since diamonds are highly preferred for engagement and wedding rings, it’s essential to know what to focus on before picking the right one.

Since diamonds are intricate and expensive, we have compiled a list of considerations to help you pick the right diamond ring. Here is what you need to know.

Set a Budget

The quest for picking a diamond ring starts with setting a budget limit. Here, it’s all about affordability. But the budget you select will directly impact the style, shape, size, and types of diamonds you want for the ring.

Nowadays, the price range of a diamond ring is between $3,000 and $6,000. The average price of a diamond is around $4,000, but some extravagant designs can cost even more. For example, a 3-carat diamond ring can cost more than $19,000, so it’s mainly about how much you can afford.

Look for Wedding Rings Online

Online stores having expertise in selling diamonds can be the ideal option for buying wedding rings. With reliable online vendors, selecting your favorite diamond rings from your home is easier. Typically, physical diamond stores can cost anywhere between 20 to 100% more as compared to online stores.

Moreover, you can get all varieties of diamond rings because these stores showcase a more extensive inventory. So, buying your favorite diamond rings online offers more options, less price, and way more convenience.

Pick Your Diamond Shape

The shape is the essence of any diamond ring and is a personal choice. You can get diamond shapes like heart-shaped, pear, princess, oval, round, and many others. The round shape is a classic design that goes well with any ring material and mounting type.

The round shape has a brilliant sparkle, so it’s widely preferred for brides. But choosing a diamond shape also depends on the practicality and the amount of work your partner does daily. So, it’s not a bad idea to seek their opinion on this matter.

Focus on the Four Cs of Diamond Rings

Knowing the Four Cs of diamonds is valuable. It gives you more power as a buyer because you know what elements to focus on while buying a diamond. So, whether you’re buying natural or lab grown diamond engagement rings, you must focus on the Four Cs to make a quality purchase. 

The Four Cs include:


The diamond cut directly affects the brilliance of the sparkle on the diamond. So, particularly for wedding rings for women, choose the ideal cut that offers full sparkling.


Ideally, the diamond must be colorless to the naked eye. Here it’s best to choose a colorless diamond in the G-I range because it’s much more cost-effective than the ones from the D-F range.


Diamonds with clarity at the VS1 and VS2 levels are the best options. At these grades, it’s hard to notice blurring or blemishes with the naked eye.  


Carat weight is the last consideration among the four Cs because it’s more about clarity and sparkle. If you’re getting a shiny diamond at a lower carat, it’s a better option than something heavier. The carat weight of your diamond will directly affect your budget, so go for the heaviest carat that your budget allows.

Choose a Diamond Separately

This may sound counterintuitive but choose the diamond separately if you have the option. Why is it so? That’s because it offers a couple of distinct advantages:

  1. You Can Pick a Diamond of the Highest Quality 

While examining a ring having a small diamond, you might end up buying something you didn’t want in the first place. It could happen because of the ring material; a high-end ring, say gold or platinum, can provide cover to the low-quality diamond cuts. 

If you buy a diamond separately, there won’t be such a distraction. You can pay closer attention to the Four Cs and buy accordingly.

  1. It Adds Flexibility

Think about setting up a separate budget for the gemstone and the ring. Remember, people will notice the gemstone, not the entire engagement ring. This simply means you can adjust your budget for the remaining items, i.e., mounting and ring material.  

Consider Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

While the idea of natural diamonds is intriguing, a lab created diamond can be an equally effective option for engagement or wedding rings. Lab grown diamonds are just as real as natural diamonds, but they are grown inside controlled lab environments.

These diamonds are eco-friendly and are available at a competitive price. But if you still feel nervous about such diamonds, you can get a third-party lab certification for further satisfaction. Lab created rings are a safe and reliable option, whether it’s your engagement or wedding day diamonds.

Choose the Metal Type

Once you have chosen your diamond, it’s time to pick the ring metal type. Typically, platinum and gold rings go well with diamonds. Next, you must select the correct karat (purity level) for your ring metal. Other than purity, the karat represents different metal properties too.

A 22k gold ring will have more purity than a 9k ring. But 9k rings are harder and less yellow than the 22k variants. So generally, most people prefer 14k or 18k gold rings for engagement rings.

On the other hand, platinum rings are more expensive but provide better durability. In addition, it’s easy to polish and has an elegant white sheen that complements the diamond mounted on the top.  

Choose Mounting Type

Once your ring and diamond are selected, you must pick a setting style. It defines how you want to fit the diamond on the ring. Different options include multi-row settings, solitaire, bypass, Halo, and many others.

Once again, your partner’s wearing habits will play a critical role in deciding the type of settings for your diamond.

Don’t Hustle

Take your time when you’re buying a diamond ring. It doesn’t have to be a one-time thing, especially if you order online. Look for different options and explore the online inventory before deciding. It’s also a good idea to talk to sales representatives and consider their opinions about diamond and ring material selection.


Now that you know what to consider buying diamond rings, it should be easier to make the right choice. But remember, while ticking all the checkboxes, it’s also important to consider your partner’s preferences to add a special meaning to your engagement rings.

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