Diamond Cuts

When it comes to diamonds, there are so many different shapes, cuts and clarities to choose from but knowing which one is the right one for you can be quite difficult. Here at T. H. Baker we have everything you need to help you make you decision no matter your budget or style.

There are many different things you need to think about before purchasing a diamond. The diamond shape is categorised into two different categories. Round diamonds and fancy shaped diamonds, round diamonds being the more traditional cut. Fancy shaped diamonds essentially refers to any diamond that isn’t a brilliant round diamond. Fancy shaped diamonds can range from princess, oval, pear, heart and many more.

Round cut diamonds are traditionally the most popular choice of diamond cut. Round diamonds are cut to showcase their brilliance, normally featuring 56 facets that reflect the light, sparkle and contrast. The colour and clarity can vary depending on the size of the cut of the diamond.

Princess cut diamonds are traditionally square shaped diamonds that are cut for brilliance. Princess cuts are probably one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings. The princess cut is becoming increasingly more popular due to the cut being cheaper than that of a round cut diamond.

Oval cut diamonds still keep most of the brilliance of a round diamond with the shape creating elongated effect on the finger. The oval cut diamond is brilliant for making the diamond appear larger than that of a round cut diamond; they will also appear to the eye that they are clean.

Emerald cut diamonds are different to that of round diamonds due to the emerald cut being a step cut. Brilliant at reflecting the light, emerald cut diamonds are known to have a “hall of mirrors” effect. Another elongated style cut that flatters the finger due to the stone appearing again, larger than that of other cuts and shapes.

Heart shaped diamonds are classic symbols of love and they tend to contain 56 to 58 facets which result in visual brilliance. Cut with precise length to width ratio to ensure exact symmetry. Heart shaped diamonds have been used in many different jewellery pieces, however they only take up a small fraction of those sold on the market in comparison to that of round brilliants.

Pear shaped diamonds are increasingly popular at the moment, otherwise known as the teardrop or pendeloque cut is like no other cut of diamond. This hybrid diamond cut combines both the round diamond and the marquise diamond. Worn by many celebrities over the last few years, the pear shaped diamond is beginning to take the world by storm.

The clarity of a diamond can alter depending on the surface of the stone; the main goal is to find a diamond that is essentially colourless, the higher the quality of the diamond the more colourless, the lower the quality the more of a yellow tint the stone may have. In most instances the diamonds beauty isn’t affected by these imperfections. However the colour of diamonds can change and the most common alternatives are brown and yellow, although pink, blue, green, red and orange can also be found in extremely rare circumstances. The colour of the diamond can also affect the price, especially if it is classed as a rare colour.

There are many different types of diamond cuts or shapes for you to choose from. Each cut has a different type of clarity and price, so doing your research before purchasing any diamond cut is important. Here at T. H. Baker we have plenty of beautiful diamond cuts for you to choose from and if you’re looking for something bespoke, we have that too! Shop our selection of diamonds today.

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