Definite Signs that you need to Visit a Doctor for your Back Pain

Sharp, consistent pain in any area of your body, for a considerable time span, is a sign that there is something wrong. The only time pain brings happiness and joy is labor pain. 

Although back pain is a considerably normal issue these days. Due to excessive sitting hours at corporate jobs, it is hard to keep this specific area of your body in good shape. And as it is so common, it is hard to differentiate between a regular muscle strain and a proper back dilemma. 

However, it is best recommended that you visit a doctor if the pain exceeds more than a few days or simply won’t go away. A spine surgery expert, better known as a neurologist or neurosurgeon, or orthopedic specialist might be the right person to visit in this regard. 


Here are a few signs that help you understand the severity of your issue. If you have the following, it is important that you visit a doctor right away, without delaying the matter. 

1. Persistent and Sharp Pain:

If the pain doesn’t go away after resting for a week, then you need to see a doctor immediately. Likewise, if the pain persists for more than 4 weeks, you need to visit a specialist. Persistent and uncontrollable pain are two of the most alarming and visible signs that indicate an issue with your back. Do not neglect them. 

2. Tingling or Numbness:

Secondly, if you are experiencing a weird tingling or numbing sensation in your back area, it is time to go to a specialist. It can be due to weakness. But it can also be nerve damage. Thus, differentiating the two is important, to opt for the right treatment. A tingling or numbing sensation is not pleasant to deal with and is best to deal with as quickly as possible. 

3. Loss of Bladder Control:

This is a very rare sign but people with complicated back issues might experience this. It usually begins with severe back pain and leads to loss of bowel control. This actually indicates the severity of the issue and how it might not be “just” your back that needs medical attention. The issue might be internal too. 

4. Feeling Pain after a Minor Fall:

If your back hits a nook or corner or you trip slightly but the pain becomes unbearable; this is a definite sign of medical attention. This simply means that your back is highly sensitive due to a dilemma that is yet to be diagnosed. It is critical that you visit a doctor right away to acknowledge your situation. 


Persistent backache can make it hard to function regularly. It can hinder your productivity at work too. Therefore, it is important that you do not neglect it. It never hurts to visit a doctor on time and get your problem discussed and diagnosed. Many times, it might be a plain backache. But for some, it might be a complex issue that needs to be addressed. Thus, act smartly, at the right time to avoid complications.

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