Dance Backpack Checklist: 6 Must-Have Items for all Your Dancing Needs

Dancers’ bodies are their instruments, and they frequently require a range of items, hence why they carry such hefty bags. Nothing is more frustrating than being at a dancing performance and realising you don’t have the appropriate equipment, like a carpenter who admits he doesn’t have the right axe.  

The correct equipment includes everything from dance clothes for women to colognes and makeup bags. So, follow this checklist to ensure your dance backpack has everything you’ll need to stay safe, relaxed, and productive while dancing and moving. 

Dancing Shoes 

Bringing a selection of shoes to a try-out is exceptionally crucial. Bring shoes for all the specific dance styles you can do, including pointe or tap, and your classic ballerina shoes or jazz trainers.  

You can never be so sure what type of dancing you’ll have to do. Even if it wasn’t indicated in the audition announcement, a director might unexpectedly desire to see a new style, particularly if your portfolio says you can do it. In addition, ladies, don’t forget to have a pair of heels at hand. 

Backup Pairs of Dance Clothing 

A fallback set of dance clothes for women, such as trousers and a new leotard, is essential in case of rips, spills, smears, or heavy sweating.  

It’s also crucial to carry warm-up garments you can wear on top and remove simply because studio and theatre temperatures are variable. 

Elastic Ties, Pins, and Hairbrush 

Classical performers, in particular, must maintain a clean haircut that will stay put and not obstruct their moves’ appearance or delivery. It also demonstrates your competence and readiness if you arrive with an extra elastic or scrunchie. 


Dancers sweat even in chilly temperatures. If your skin is drenched in sweat, it can be harmful while doing lifts. So, you’ll want to clean it off occasionally, especially when doing teamwork. You might also want to bring an extra fresh towel after you shower. 

Water Bottles 

Staying hydrated is critical during hard hours of rehearsal or screening, and a portable water bottle may be quickly replenished. 

However, glass bottles should never be carried in your dancing backpack. Even if you think you’ve cleared out your bag after a glass bottle cracks, microscopic glass fragments could still be inside. These can cause catastrophic injury if they slip into your shoes or clothes. 

A Nutritious Snack  

The majority of dance dietitians recommend consuming modest meals all through the day. So include a nutritious snack in your dancing bag. 

This is particularly important on days when you’re not confident when you’ll get an interval or when you’re travelling to a remote place and don’t know what food alternatives will be available. Fruits and nuts are the most suggested snacks for active dancers.  

Cosmetics Pouch 

If you’d like to retouch your makeup for a performance after classes or practice, or if you have to fix stains, smudges, or other flaws during a try-out, don’t forget to carry your makeup bag. 


If you don’t get time to take a bath after a long day of lessons or performances, a quick spritz of a light perfume will help you smell and feel better. 

Wrapping Up  

The dance industry is full of passionate and dedicated women. These ladies, who dance for a living or fun, often need specialised equipment for their profession. If you are new to dance, you may not know much about what equipment is required. 

Follow the checklist in this blog to ensure your dance backpack is well-packed. It covers everything you’ll need to stay productive and organised while moving to the beat. See you in the next dance class!

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