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Covid Cleaning: Say Yes to a Virus Free-Home!

Covid cases in Australia might have peaked in January 2022, but it doesn’t mean that covid is completely gone now. Covid is here to stay, and people must incorporate daily hygiene habits into their lives.

As an Australian, you may have seen the worst of this pandemic and have picked up a habit of hiring covid cleaning services from time to time to make your home a covid-free zone.

But, do you know there are ways in which you can clean your house yourself, keeping in mind the covid precautions? As such, this article will help you guide through the step of cleaning and disinfecting your home.

Cleaning the Surfaces of Your Home

Regularly clean the surface everyone frequently touches, such as door knobs, switches, chairs, etc. Disinfect these surfaces if someone in your family is suffering from covid or even if someone has a common cold.

Minimise Surface Contamination

If someone in your family has Covid, refrain from going around them to provide their primary care without proper precautions. As such, wear masks, maintain distance and use sanitisation after every step. Also, urge every member to wash hands properly every now and then.


  • Always use warm water in your washing machine and dry items completely. Warm water helps kill germs, and properly drying is necessary as virus flourishes on wet surfaces.
  • Washing and cleaning just dirty clothes are not enough; it is necessary to clean the place where you store laundry baskets using a disinfectant suitable for the material.
  • Washing your hands properly after handling laundry is essential.
  • If there is a sick person in your home, you can wash their clothes along with the clothes of other members of the family. Similarly, you can also dry their washed clothes with other family members’ clothes.
  • Before you handle the dirty clothes of a sick family member, wear masks and gloves for maximum safety.

Handling Trash

  • Use a separate basket or dustbin for the person who is sick.
  • Properly Wash hands with soap after disposing of the waste.
  • Wear masks and gloves before handling and removing the garbage bag and waste of the sick person.

Tips for Using Chemical Disinfectants Safely

  • Make sure that there is appropriate ventilation in the room where you will use the disinfectant. Also, you can switch on the fan and open all the windows.
  • Follow the instructions on the disinfectant bottle and stick to them thoroughly.
  • Use the recommended amount of disinfectant on the label.
  • Do not mix other chemicals with the disinfectant.
  • Keep children and pets away from disinfectants.
  • Make sure you protect your body from disinfectants, as they could cause serious harm if swallowed or applied to the skin directly.
  • If diluting it with water, use water at an average temperature.
  • If you have asthma, take proper precautions, as some disinfectants can trigger asthma.

You can clean your house by using a simple household cleaner to minimise covid risk. And in most cases, cleaning the surface itself is sufficient to remove dust particles. The need for disinfectant is not required as it is majorly for use if someone in your family has been infected with covid.

While the risk of catching covid can be nerve-wracking, it is not impossible to make sure you are doing your best. With the help of a little effort, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from covid. Meanwhile, if you don’t think you can do the cleaning efficiently or don’t have the time for that, you can always hire covid cleaning services. This way, you can rest assured that all the cleaning chores are safe in the hands of professionals.

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